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Cover Story: Know the Group, Know the Dog

Learn about eight dog groups and which breeds fit where.

By Eve Adamson

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Page 31

All American Dogs

Meet the diverse breeds that represent 12 states.

By Kitson Jazynka

Page 44

15 Tips for Finding the Right Breeder

If you want a healthy, happy puppy, the first step is locating a reputable breeder.

By Elaine Waldorf Gewirtz

Page 54

5 Adoption Tips

What you need to know before bringing home a shelter pup.

By Diana Laverdure

Page 62

Social Butterfly

Proper puppy socialization leads to a happy, healthy, well-adjusted adult dog.

By Debbie Swanson

Page 70

House Training Made Easy

Use your puppy's craving for a den to help give him good bathroom habits.

By Susan Mccullough

Page 80

Training Rx for Puppies

Expert tips to help your puppy grow into a great dog.

By Susan Chaney

Page 86

Nutrition Primer

Get your puppy off to a healthy start.

By Kim Campbell Thornton

Page 94

An Ounce of Prevention

Take a proactive approach to saving on your puppy's veterinary bills.

By Tracy Libby

Page 102

Expert Puppy Grooming Tips

Get a lifetime of grooming off to a good start by introducing your puppy to brushing, bathing and clipping.

By Wendy Bedwell-Wilson

Page 108

Become a Pupparazzi

Avoid basic mistakes and get great shots of your puppy.

By Laurie Meehan-Elmer

Page 118

2011 Photo Contest Results

Page 126

Happy Together

A humorous look at the challenges of getting a friend for a lonely dog.

By Peter Gerstenzang

Page 136

Canine Communication

Excerpt from Smart Owner's Guide: Puppy Training

By Miriam Fields-Babineau and Bardi McLennan

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Breed Chart

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Poisonous Plants

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Products for Your New Puppy

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Dog Lovers’ Yellow Pages

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Gallery of Breeds

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