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Cover Story: Meet Your Perfect Puppy

Take a look at a sampling of breeds from each of the seven AKC groups.

By Kim Campbell Thornton

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Puppy Training!


Puppy Training For Dog Sports
Training a puppy for performance events can begin at a young age. You just have to know where and how to start. Read more>>

Agility Training for Puppies
Agility training gives your puppy life skills and appropriate behavior skills. Best of all, it helps you establish a good relationship with your puppy, making all of your time together more rewarding. Read more>>

Raising a Show Dog
If you’ve ever watched a dog show, you might have thought: "Wouldn’t it be cool if I had a dog who could do that?” The good news is that it’s possible. Not only that, but with diligence and persistence, it is likely. Read more>>

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Meet Your Perfect Puppy

Take a look at a sampling of breeds from each of the seven AKC groups.

By Kim Campbell Thornton

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Buying From a Breeder

Do your research and build a rapport with the breeder whose puppy you want.

By Diana Kerew-Shaw

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The Adoption Option

Use your head and your heart when choosing a shelter puppy.

By Laurie Meehan-Elmer

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Puppy Nutrition Demystified

Straightforward advice on how to choose your puppy's food.

By Diana Laverdure

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2012 Photo Contest Results


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A New Look at Vaccinations

Veterinarians recommend an individualized schedule of shots for puppies.

By Tracy Libby

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Spay and Neuter Considerations

For most dogs, the benefits of spaying and neutering far outweigh the risks and side effects.

By Holly Ocasio Rizzo

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Find Your Dream Team

It takes a village — or at least a skilled group of dog professionals — to raise and care for a puppy.

By Wendy Bedwell-Wilson

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Mind Your Manners

Socialize your puppy early and often for a well-behaved canine companion.

By Kitson Jazynka

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Do It Right the First Time

Start crate training on your new puppy's first day home.

By Elaine Waldorf Gewirtz

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Friends from Afar

One trainer takes a unique approach to child-dog interactions.

By Debbie Swanson

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A Puppy's Guide to Primping

Accustom your new friend to all aspects of grooming.

By Nikki Moustaki

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Great Expectations

Have realistic behavior and training goals for your new puppy.

By Susan McCullough

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Carlotta's Reign of Terror

A clever, energetic Corgi mix puppy wreaks havoc with her dog sitter.

By Peter Gerstenzang

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