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Puppy Training!

Puppy Training For Dog Sports
Training a puppy for performance events can begin at a young age. You just have to know where and how to start. Read more>>

Agility Training for Puppies
Agility training gives your puppy life skills and appropriate behavior skills. Best of all, it helps you establish a good relationship with your puppy, making all of your time together more rewarding. Read more>>

Raising a Show Dog
If you’ve ever watched a dog show, you might have thought: "Wouldn’t it be cool if I had a dog who could do that?” The good news is that it’s possible. Not only that, but with diligence and persistence, it is likely. Read more>>

Page 6

Short-to-Tall Tale

Take a look at 15 great breeds, arranged from teeny-tiny to giant.

By Eve Adamson

Page 34

25 Ways to Find a Great Breeder

In your search for a purebred puppy, it's important to work with a reputable, experienced breeder.

By Denise Flain

Page 52

Adoption Guide

Follow these guidelines to successfully navigate the tricky world of adoption and rescue.

By Debbie Swanson

Page 58

Are You Ready for a Puppy?

Things to consider before bringing home a new furry family member.

By Fran Hodgkins

Page 62

Crates Are Great

This simple tool makes it easier to housetrain your new puppy.

By Diana Kerew-Shaw

Page 70

New Puppy Shopping List

Page 74


Online resources and fun for new puppy owners. Check it out>>

Page 76

Puppy Products

From grooming gear and housetraining help to high-tech gadgets, find must-have products for your puppy.

Page 86

Safe to Socialize?

Learn the important balancing act of socializing before a puppy's vaccinations are complete..

By D. Caroline Coile, PhD

Page 93

Socialization Checklist and Guide

Follow our checklist and guide to socializing your pup when you're out and about..

Page 96

Puppy's First Tricks

Clicker training is a fun and easy way to teach your puppy Sit, Down, Shake and Spin.

By Nikki Moustaki

Page 100

2013 Photo Contest Winners

Page 106

What to Feed Your Puppy

Your puppy is growing fast, so make sure you feed her the best food possible during this crucial time.

By Diana R. Laverdure 

Page 112

Do I need Pet Insurance

A guide to the basics in assessing health care coverage for your dog.

By Diana R. Laverdure

Page 122

The Lowdown on Spay/Neuter 

The latest recommendations about how and when to spay or neuter your puppy.

By Kim Campbell Thornton

Page 128

Puppy Grooming Made Easy 

Regular care is a breeze when you make brushing and bath time fun for your puppy.

By Jackie Brown

Page 130

The Science Behind Pest Control 

A key to flea and tick prevention is understanding how chemicals work to protect your dog.

By Susan Chaney

In Every Issue

Page 166

Poisonous Plants & Flowers

Know which plants and flowers are dangerous to your dog. Read More>>


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