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Beagle Dog Breed

About the Beagle

This small, English hound, used to hunt rabbit and hare was made famous by the daring and loveable “Snoopy.” While real Beagle’s don’t fly planes, they do enjoy adventure. Beagles require regular exercise and should be leashed or confined to a securely fenced yard so that it’s nose doesn’t lead them into trouble! More>>

Top Ten Beagle Dog Names

Daisy Eye of the day; synonym for sun. (English)   Snoopy Nosy, curious. (English)
Buddy Friend; brother. (English)   Max The greatest. (Latin)
Lucy Light. (Latin)   Charlie Manly; strong; free. (English)
Cooper Barrel maker. (English)   Molly Star of the sea. (Irish and Latin)
Bailey Steward; in charge. (English and French)   Sadie Princess. (English and Hebrew)

Beagle Articles

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Historic information about the beagle and how the beagle dog breed came into existence.

Beagle Mania

The Beagle dog breed is still the number one family favorite peted.

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becky   Cheraw, South Carolina

4/15/2015 8:04:25 PM

my dog Patches is a mixed beagle/basset hound. We recued him from a shelter about 8 years ago. he was 13 years old this month. He is the best dog in the world and he acts so thankful when he looks at me with those big brown eyes it just melts my heart, it like he knows how much i love him.

User Avatar

Charlotte   Carlisle, International

1/8/2015 8:17:25 AM

My beagle called ALFIE he is 11 months old he is nearly 1 and he is the most mischievous dog I know

User Avatar

konnor   pineville, International

8/6/2014 12:30:20 PM

my beagle Dixie was so pretty. we rescued her in a storm and she was pregnant! we brought her home and took care of her a few months later she had 3 puppies, one puppy died of miscarriage but we had 2 fine black beagle pups Lego the girl Logo the boy. i brought them to school with me one day and logo pooped on me in the car! we sold them a few months later. The last day I saw Dixie she was going in the woods to play she never came out. we found a jawbone in our front yard we brought it to the vet he said it was hers. we lost Dixie to coyodes and many other dogs too. R I P we love u Dixie and we miss u.

User Avatar

Nathan   Madrid, New York

7/7/2014 8:31:01 AM

I love my two female beagles they both hunt well and are obedient

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