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Mixed Dog Breed

About the Mixed Dog Breed

Mixed breeds make wonderful pets and come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors and temperaments. While no two are alike, the one thing you can count on is a unique dog that will be full of surprises. Mixed Breeds range in combinations from the cross breeding of two purebred dogs such as a Chihuahua-Poodle to multi-generation mutts whose origins are unclear.   More>>

Top Ten Mixed Dog Breed Dog Names

Buddy Friend; brother. (English)   Bailey Steward; in charge. (English and French)
Daisy Eye of the day; synonym for Sun. (English)   Angel Angelic; messenger of God. (Greek)
Bella Beautiful. (Latin)   Buster Hitter; puncher. (English)
Bear Strong; brave. (English and German)   Charlie Manly; strong; free. (English)
Ginger Pep; liveliness. (English)   Chloe Blooming. (Greek)

Mixed Dog Breed Articles

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User Avatar

Ashley   Santiago, Texas

8/15/2015 10:40:56 AM

I have a pitbull/boxer mix and is brown and white and it is a male I named it brewsky!??

User Avatar

Gabby   Pittsburg, Maine

6/26/2015 2:01:23 PM

I have a labordor / poodle mix

Hes black with specs of brown so we named him midnight

User Avatar

Katie   Whitefish, International

5/14/2015 3:43:54 PM

I want a dog so badly, but my mom won't let me get one unless it doesn't shed, and is small. Any ideas?

User Avatar

Emily Proffitt   Little Rock, Arkansas

8/17/2014 8:38:52 AM

I have a golden retriever and a terrier mix and I don't know what to name her she's 9 months old and she is a tan color!!

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