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American Pit Bull Terrier

About the American Pit Bull Terrier

A bulldog-terrier cross that originated as a fighter, Pitbulls are a loving breed that is admired for tenacity, courage, agility and spirit. A strong, athletic dog, with early training and socialization they can excel at obedience, herding and weight-pulling. More>>

Top Ten American Pit Bull Terrier Dog Names

Bella Beautiful. (Latin)   Daisy Eye of the day; synonym for Sun. (English)
Diamondy High value; brilliant)   Demon An evil attendant (Irish)
Zeus LIving; chief; powerful. (Greek)   Diesel A pet form of Matthias; Urban Dictionary definition is cool, strong, hip (English)
Angel Angelic; messenger of God. (Greek)   Sadie Princess. (English and Hebrew)
Buddy Friend; brother. (English)   Bailey Steward; in charge. (English and French)

American Pit Bull Terrier Articles

Activities for You and Your American Pit Bull Terrier

There are many games and acitivities for your American Pit Bull Terrier that will be fun and provide great learning experience.

American Pit Bull Terrier Weight Pulling

Weight pulling exercises keep American Pit Bull Terriers at peak condition but is not a popular activity among many owners.

American Dog Differences

The American Bulldog and Pit Bull Terrier are in fact two distinct breeds.

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natosha   Cave City, Arkansas

2/17/2015 2:08:47 PM

My husband and I were the proud mommy and daddy of SadieBelle, our 5 yr old, solid white, American Pitbull blanket baby, whom we had gotten when she was 4 mths old as a rescue. Sadie delivered her first litter of pups on January 28, and a week and two days later she developed mastitis. Seeing my daughter in so much pain, broke my heart to pieces. The infection spread thru her lil body so quickly, that all the treatments and medicine wasn't effective; and on February 7, our beautiful baby took her last breath as i held her in my arms. Pitbulls have a reputation for being viscious animals, but the truth is that they are, what u put into them, and SadieBelle was amazing. Sadie left us 8 pieces of her wonderful lil heart. 6 lil girls and 2 lil boys. Bottle feeding and puppy care is getting me attached to the lil darlings, but i kno that once they're a lil older, most will have to be adopted out, which is why i'm hesitant on giving them names, because i feel they're new parents should choose a name that is right for them. However, the smaller, spotted, innocent faced, baby girl that I'm keeping is a tough one to decide on. I want a name that is a namesake for Sadie, but also shows her own lil unique personality. Hopefully, during the coming days the perfect name for my sweet baby will come to me.

User Avatar

Joe II   Madison, AL

8/11/2014 5:02:26 AM

My little pit Lee turns 10 weeks old today. His complete name is Ho "Lee" Schitt. He is a handful requiring a firm hand to discipline. He has been trying to "hump" me and any of my 4 cats. At his age it is NOT a sexual thing but a dominance thing. He really is being tough on breaking down his dominance issues.

User Avatar

Kari   International

8/8/2014 8:28:46 AM

I'm getting my pitbull puppy today and I'm naming him Lucious it's the equivilant for the name Demon but it sound 1,000,000 times cooler

User Avatar

Mary   Houston, Texas

7/15/2014 8:42:29 PM

I'm a first time pit bull owner, mine lil pit is adorable. Good with my kids, his name is Sumo.

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