Looking to Score a Touchdown with Your Dog's Name?

Try choosing a football-inspired dog name for your pet and learn some lingo while you are at it!

By | Posted: January 27, 2015, 8 a.m. PST

Football season is here! Love football so much that you have to give your dog a name that stands out on the field? Don’t whine -- we've got you covered with our list of must-know football lingo that also double as great dog names! Find the perfect football-inspired name for your adopted dog or new puppy.

football dog


Football-Inspired Dog Names 

  • Blitz – when linebackers or defensive backs are called in to put pressure on a quarterback. Also known as a "Red Dog.”
  • Coach – The leader
  • Freeze – when a team attempts to hold the ball without trying to score points to run out the clock.
  • Fumble – when an offensive player drops or loses possession of the football.
  • Field –place where the game is played
  • Gunner – players who aim to tackle the punt or kick returner, often very fast.
  • Guard – member of the offensive line
  • Jumbo- an offensive formation
  • Kicker – player specializing in kickoffs or field goals.
  • Mike – middle or interior linebacker who leads the defense.
  • PAT– Point After Touchdown
  • Pancake – block which sends the opponent to the ground.
  • QB – short for quarterback, the leader
  • Rag Doll – when a defensive lineman tosses an offensive lineman like a "rag doll”
  • Ref – referee
  • Rook or Rookie – young or new player
  • Rover – a player on defense
  • Rush – to run from the scrimmage line with the football, or when the defense rushes the quarterback
  • Safety – defensive back
  • Sam – strong-side linebacker
  • Tackle - the act of bringing another player to the ground

Prefer to show some team spirit?

Tampa Bay

Meet Tampa Bay!

Try one of these names based off of your favorite pro football team:

  • Arizona Cardinals - Arizona, Card or Cardinal
  • Atlanta Falcons - Atlanta, Falcon
  • Baltimore Ravens - Balt, Raven
  • Carolina Panther - Carol, Caroline or Carolina, Pan
  • Cincinnati Bengals - Cin or Cincinnati
  • Buffalo Bills - Bill or Billy, Buffy
  • Cleveland Browns - Brown or Brownie, Cleveland
  • Chicago Bears - Bear, Chi
  • Denver Bronco - Denver, Bronco
  • Detroit Lions - Dee, Lion
  • Dallas Cowboys - Cowboy, Dallas
  • Green Bay Packers - Bay, Packer
  • Houston Texans - Houston, Tex or Texan
  • Indianapolis Colts - Colt, Indie or Indiana
  • Jacksonville Jaguars - Jack or Jackson, Jag
  • Kansas City Chiefs - Chief, Kansas
  • Miami Dolphins - Dolph, Miami
  • Minnesota Viking - Minnie, Viking
  • New Orleans Saints - Orley, Saint
  • New York Jets - Jet
  • Oakland Raiders - Oak or Oakland, Raider
  • Pittsburgh Steelers - Steeler
  • Philadelphia Eagles - Phil or Philly, Eagle
  • San Diego Chargers - Diego, Charger
  • San Francisco 49ers - Frisco, Niner
  • Seattle Seahawks - Hawk
  • St. Louis Rams - Lou or Lois, Ram, Saint
  • Tennessee Titans - Titan
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Buccaneer, Tampa, Tampa Bay 
  • Washington Redskins - Red
Looking for something that says your dog's a big winner? Try one of these:
  • Champ
  • Champion
  • Hero
  • MVP - Most Valuable Pup
  • Streak - as in winning streak
  • Winner  

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Tari   Kansas City, Missouri

1/27/2015 1:25:50 PM

As a 20+ year dog groomer in Kansas City, I can say you missed the most obvious and frequently used dog name in our town from sports. I cannot tell you how many dogs I've groomed named "Casey" or just "KC"!

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