Pet Cemetery Faces Conversion to Condos

Pet owners are being told to retrieve their animals.

Posted: March 7, 2007, 5 a.m. EST

Animal owners who buried their pets at the Paradise Pet Cemetery thinking that it would be their final resting place are getting a rude awakening: the cemetery is being converted to condominiums.

Imtiaz Ahmed, the owner of the land on which the 57-year-old West Palm Beach, Fla., cemetery sits, is trying to get the word out through the local media that owners of pets buried on the land have a few months to remove their pets.

“They can just come and dig, absolutely,” Ahmed told the Palm Beach Post.

Ahmed said that when bought the five-acre lot in 2002, he was unaware that the cemetery was on it. He still owns the cemetery.

Unlike some other states, Florida does not require pet cemetery owners to get a permanent designation for the land and it’s up to individual counties in the state to regulate the cemeteries’ operations, according to the Palm Beach County Health Department.

Currently, there are about 200 animals buried on the property. Ahmed says he’s giving owners of buried pets three to six months to retrieve their animals before going forward with his plan to build 58 condo units on the land.


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Eileen - 249708   Port Perry, ON

9/11/2016 2:02:19 AM

How can this be, no respect for peoples pets that have passed on. Again it is always about money!

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Glynnis   Baton Rouge, LA

3/28/2007 2:58:29 PM

What a creep! He knew. Who buys property without seeing it or asking how it is currently being used? When are people going to start respecting the love a pet owner feels for their pet and the loss they feel when that pet passes? He should have to pay to have them moved to an alternative site at the very least.

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Stella   Las Cruces, NM

3/24/2007 2:06:20 PM

I think this is awful in every way. I feel for all these people put in this situation. How someone can be so uncaring and sick is beyond me. who buys land and doesn't know whats on it? Now these poor people have to suffer due to his stupidity? So I guess if someone where to tell him that the cemetery that his loved ones are buried in is going to be used for something so important as CONDOS then he won't mind just "digging them up" now will he?!

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Jen   PSL, FL

3/23/2007 5:46:57 PM

I think it's horrible that these people are told to "come dig up your pets" when they thought that was the last peaceful place for them. And I'm sure they paid to have them buried there as

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