Reality Show Names Dog Groomer of the Year

South Central L.A.-resident out-grooms 11 other contestants in "Groomer Has It.”

Posted: July 6, 2008, 5 a.m. EDT

The winner of reality game show “Groomer Has It” broadcast on Animal Planet is Artist Knox, a dog groomer who grew up in South Central Los Angeles.

Knox out-clipped and out-sheared 11 other contestants to become the show’s first Groomer of the Year. The final challenge involved the Groomer Has It Championship Dog Show,  in which the final two contestants groomed eight dogs in 11 hours.

In the end, Knox walked away with the grand prize package including his own mobile grooming salon, $50,000 in cash and the title of Groomer of the Year.

His dog-grooming days started when Knox drifted into a pet store and chatted up a manager who was grooming a dog. Knox was offered a job on the spot, and from there he learned all he could about the grooming business.

Knox plans to use his cash prize to open a grooming salon and school in his neighborhood. He continues to live in South Central Los Angeles with his 2-year-old son.


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Doreen   Las Vegas, NV

9/16/2009 5:16:00 AM

I'm glad Artist won! He's funny! Hats off to him when he chose the poor dog in the Shelter Dogs Challenge. Great job!

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Sandie   Australia, AL

6/7/2009 5:20:30 AM

Was glad that you won, the shelterchaoice was amazing. The best one really did win at the end.

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Carolyn   Elsinore, UT

5/16/2009 9:53:41 PM

I think all the animals are not given enough potty breaks and walks. To have so many unexperenced people working with these animals is cruel and some are abusive to these animals. Is there someone there to observe what is really going
These animals need to have time to unwind before being forced to be in one position all the
Tie yourself up for as long as they are and no fare you cant have water or go
Your show is cruel and as always> its all about money isant it?

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brenda   roulette, PA

4/29/2009 5:47:50 PM

I watched the show from beginning, and hoped Artist would win. Ever since then I wondered what happened to him. Glad to see him back with Groomer of the year 2009 He really deserved to win and I am happy that finally a reality show got it right.

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