Will Smith’s Dog Succumbs to Rattlesnake Bite

The actor and wife Jada hire Cesar Millan to train their other dogs to avoid rattlesnakes.

Posted: July 12, 2008, 5 a.m. EDT

Jada Pinkett Smith, wife of action star Will Smith, has hired “Dog Whisperer” Cesar Millan to train the couple’s dogs to avoid rattlesnakes.

Pinkett Smith hired Millan after their mixed-breed dog Rocco was killed in an attack by a rattlesnake at their Southern California ranch.

She told the New York Daily News, “I’m willing to do what’s necessary to make sure I don’t have this same event happen again.”

Millan, who teaches dogs to beware rattlesnakes by training them to avoid the snakes’ sounds, told Pinkett Smith that more than 150,000 pets are killed or injured by snakes every year.

Pinkett Smith, who didn’t disclose when the dog died, says she was “devastated” by the loss.

Meanwhile, Will Smith told the newspaper that he may star in a sequel to last year’s “I Am Legend” that also features the return of his character’s scene-stealing German Shepherd Dog, Sam.


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Sandra   San Clemente, CA

9/3/2008 6:06:51 PM

My dog "Titus" was attacked by a 4' rattler in San Clemente, right in our gated front yard! It was terrible, he was bit 7 times around his muzzle and his front legs. He was in the emergency animal hospital for 4 days, it was
He fought the fight of his life and won. It happened in April and is now 100% better. I feel for the Smith's, I know how they feel. I was originally told Titus wasn't going to make it, but he's my warrior and he did make


there is an article about him at www.ruffrescue.org in their spring newsletter.

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;jkzfv[   ;ZJKV;'JK, OH

7/12/2008 11:35:55 PM

Very scary! My dog went after a rattler once. VERY SCARY!!!

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Linda   Adger, AL

7/12/2008 3:52:56 PM

I am so sorry about their lost, I would be devastatedf anything happened to my two. Hope Caesar can help them.

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TMG36   Houston, TX

7/12/2008 11:01:07 AM

I think it's so sad. I feel bad for them. I would be devastated if it were one of my babies too. My heart goes out to them.

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