English Bulldog Is Hollywood’s Hottest Dog

Samantha Ronson, Adam Sandler, and other A-listers own the muscular breed.

Posted: October 1, 2008, 5 a.m. EDT

Move over, Chihuahua. The new hottest dog breed in Hollywood is the English Bulldog.

Nipping at the English Bulldog’s heels is the French Bulldog, E! Online reports, though the English Bulldog claims more A-list owners, including deejay Samantha Ronson, singer John Legend, and Adam Sandler.

Ronson, who dates actress Lindsay Lohan, owns an English Bulldog named Cadillac. Legend owns an English Bulldog named Puddy, and Sandler has owned three, including his newest English Bulldog Babu, as well as late Bulldogs Meatball and Matzoball. Tori Spelling owns a French Bulldog.

English Bulldogs are famous for their muscular body and blunt nose. The bat-eared French Bulldog is their much smaller cousin.

“Some English Bulldogs are very energetic,” L.A. Dogworks president Andrew Rosenthal told the celebrity website. “Others are kind of laid-back. French Bulldogs are out of their minds. When we have a bunch of them in our dog park, they all hang out together. I call them the French mafia. But the English are more like dopey troublemakers.”


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kimberly   columbus, OH

2/13/2012 4:44:29 PM

I love english bulldogs. I usre to have two of them6 years ago. They both died of old age. I cannot have another because I had gotten too attached to them and went into a great depression when they passed away. They are just like people not like other dogs and very smart to!

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