Stars Vote for Snoopy for President

Cesar Millan and others tape humorous "Peanuts for president” PSAs to encourage voting.

Posted: October 16, 2008, 5 a.m. EDT

Snoopy for president?

Yes, if “Dog Whisperer” Cesar Millan gets his way. The cartoon Beagle is “the second-coolest dog on the planet. The first is [Millan’s dog] Daddy! We need a balanced pack leader,” according to Millan.

Millan was among several dozen celebrities to tape lighthearted online PSAs touting the new Peanuts website, where visitors can vote for Snoopy, Charlie Brown, Linus, Lucy, or Sally for president. Visitors click through to to view the PSAs, and to learn more about the real election.

Several celebrities taped their PSAs between interviews during the celebration of the 100th episode of “Dog Whisperer.” Virginia Madsen, who brought her dog Spike to the Los Angeles bash, entered a vote for “Sally – because she’ll give us school vacations permanently!”

Lucy proved to be popular with several female stars, including actress Sharon Gless, who noted approvingly that Lucy “will be tough on … everything.”

British “Daily Show” correspondent John Oliver said he was excited to vote in an American election for a change. “You can vote for an actual dog,” Oliver says. “How bad can that be?”


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Pat   Queen Creek, AZ

11/3/2008 7:37:12 AM

OK, I just went to vote... but was disappointed that there was no place to write in my candidate! Of course Peppermint Patty would make the best president!

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patricia egger   fort lupton, CO

10/23/2008 2:31:05 PM

if a mule can win, we all know the beagle can win and TRAIN us.

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Erick   Long Island, NY

10/17/2008 11:56:45 AM

This election seems to be the most popular election in history. If we are already talking about voting Snoopy and Peanuts characters, it is getting a little nutty. Dogs are the most loved animals in the world, so it only makes sense to start associating loved dog cartoons with current events. On, I read info on smart and trained dogs…so who knows, maybe Snoopy should run for President!

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Karen   Standish, ME

10/16/2008 5:18:08 PM

I vote for Snoopy!

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