Talk Turns to Potential ‘First Dog’

People weigh in on what kind of dog President-elect Barack Obama should select.

Posted: November 7, 2008, 5 a.m. EST

Now that the next U.S. president has been elected, the public wants to know what kind of dog he will elect to take to the White House.

Barack Obama promised his two daughters a puppy once the election was over, no matter the outcome. Obama renewed his pledge during Tuesday’s victory speech. “Sasha and Malia, I love you both more than you can imagine. You have earned the new puppy that’s coming with us,” Obama said.

On Wednesday, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals applauded recent news reports that the Obama family plans to adopt a shelter dog when they choose their new pet. Ed Sayres, ASPCA president and CEO, said the organization is thrilled at the prospect that the Obama family will head to their local animal shelter or rescue group.

“Whether their preference is dog or cat, small or large, purebred or lovable mutt, they could both find the perfect pet and help an animal in need, which would be an incredible opportunity,” Sayres said in a statement.

According to the latest poll on, which asks people to vote for the breed that they think the Obama family should adopt, the Mixed Breed option has garnered the most votes, leading with 24 percent. The second top choice is the Shih Tzu with 21 percent.

In August, more than 42,000 Americans cast their vote in the American Kennel Club’s poll to determine the right breed for the Obama family. The Poodle was chosen from a list of five hypoallergenic breeds, picked to suit Obama’s daughters, one of whom suffers from allergies. Lisa Peterson, AKC spokeswoman, said she hopes that the Obamas consider the survey results.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden, Obama’s running mate, told reporters that his wife Jill promised him a “big dog” if he got elected president.

“Jill had said the only way you are getting a dog is if you are president … we didn’t think about vice president,” Biden told Reuters.

Biden dropped his bid for president, but said Jill promised he could have the dog if he was elected vice president.


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Annie   Riverside, DC

2/7/2009 1:05:25 PM

I tottally think that th Obama's should get a Portuguese Water Dog!!!

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Greyhound Supporter   New Oxford, PA

11/7/2008 6:13:54 PM

Pick a greyhound Mr. President! Many folks who are allergic to other breeds of dogs are not allergic to greyhounds! A greyhound is a GREYT pic for people of all ages and greyhounds generally have fewer health issues then do other breeds of dogs. No matter what kind of dog they pic, I believe it will have a wonderful home in the Whitehouse with the Obamas!

User Avatar

Amanda   NY, NY

11/7/2008 5:30:00 PM

I'm happy to hear that the Obama family is adopting a shelter dog!!! That's what I did and my dog is the greatest!!!

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S   3 OAKS, MI

11/7/2008 3:12:10 PM

I love that they're adopting a shelter dog,& it doesn't matter whether it's a mutt or purebred, as long as they save one! However, they may want to consider a purebred due to the allergy situation!

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