Playboy Bunny in Dog Custody Battle

Ida Ljungqvist says the Chihuahua was a gift from her estranged husband.

Posted: November 20, 2008, 5 a.m. EST

A Playboy playmate and her estranged husband are locked in a custody battle over a Chihuahua named Bonnie.

Joshua R. Lang claims the dog belongs to him, and has asked a California judge to order March 2008 Playmate Ida Ljungqvist to return the dog, whom Lang says he bought in February, or allow him visitation with the dog during alternating weeks.

In a sworn declaration, Lang says he has spent “an enormous amount of attorneys’ fees on this issue” because he believes the cause is worthwhile.

“I love Bonnie and miss her tremendously,” his declaration says. “She is like my child and I want to have her returned to me, or in the very least I want to exercise custody of her.”

Ljungqvist’s lawyer, Jeffrey S. Helfer, countered that his client received the dog as a gift during difficult times between the couple and has no intention of returning the dog.

“For her to return the gift will not happen,” Helfer wrote in a letter to Lang’s attorney.

Lang dismissed Ljungqvist’s claims in papers filed with the Santa Monica Superior Court. “At no time did I tell Ida that Bonnie was a gift for her,” Lang says.


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Charles   San Francisco, CA

4/25/2009 12:20:38 AM

The worst place to handle a dispute over a pet shared by separating parnters is court. Courts treat pets as

A far more positive option is mediation. If interested, I have tips for parting partners sharing a pet on my website:

Thanks you for the important story. Animals pick up our feelings like sponges. When we suffer, they suffer. I could have saved these good people much money and grief--as well as their

Charles Regal, MSW,
Pet Custody
San Francisco, CA

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Sebastian   Avoca, PA

11/20/2008 11:25:58 AM

Real good article

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Brittany   Kenner, LA

11/20/2008 10:48:17 AM

That`s sweet. They both are in love with their dogs. :)

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Sarah   Metairie, LA

11/20/2008 10:48:12 AM

Im glad they both love their dogs.

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