More Celebrity Advice for President-elect Barack Obama

Jamie Foxx wants him to get a pit bull.

Posted: December 10, 2008, 5 a.m. EST

President-elect Barack Obama continues to receive advice about what kind of dog to get his family.

Academy Award-winning actor Jamie Foxx offered his opinion to reporters after performing at the annual Rockefeller Center Christmas tree lighting in New York City last week. “[I’m] trying to pick out Barack Obama’s Christmas puppy right now, so we’re working hard on that,” Foxx said. “I think I’m going to get him a pit bull, we just got to keep it street,” meaning the dog should be “urban” and “authentic.”

“I’m just celebrating Barack Obama (and) celebrating the new president,” he added.

Celebrities aren’t the only ones offering advice to the First Family-elect. Last month, Americans were polled about what the Obamas should name their new pup.
Winning names included Hope, Lucky, Change, Maverick, and Sarah. Other winning suggestions included Dog, Buddy, and Snoopy. Noteworthy, but less popular, names included Abrahound Lincoln, Audacity, Secretary of State, Tina Fey, and Economy.

Obama created a stir during his acceptance speech Nov. 4 when he promised to get his young daughters a dog if they moved into the White House.

The President-elect reiterated that pledge during his first post-election news conference, telling reporters the dog “must be hypoallergenic” and preferably a rescue. That pretty much eliminates Foxx’s choice of a pit bull as the breed is not known for its hypoallergenic qualities.


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Rachel   Tillamook, OR

4/20/2009 10:16:50 PM

I think that every President of America should have an AMERICAN Pit Bull Terrier. They are the only breed-besides the bred off of them themselves cousin the Am. Staff.-that has AMERICAN in their name. The first dog to ever get and award was a Pit Bull that saved his military troop from death.

Pit Bulls are sweet, loving dogs, that love their owners so much they will do virtually ANYTHING for them, even if it means killing other dogs to keep their owner happy.

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Sue   Boston, MA

1/8/2009 6:01:13 AM

I'd like to see the man make his own choice without AR lunatics or celebrities telling him what to do. Why can't his kids have the say in what kind of dog they get? All in all, who is going to take care of the dog anyway? Taxpayer's dog walker.

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MaryAnna   Kokomo, IN

1/7/2009 8:03:02 PM

I think they should get an Airedale or
If they take them to the groomer in a timely fashion they shed very
An Airdale girl could be named CyDale or a female scotty... "Trinket"

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Meg   no, MD

12/10/2008 7:57:10 PM

If obama gets a pitbull, I hope it bites him really hard on the butt!!!!

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