Owner of World’s Ugliest Dog Adopts Chinese Crested Puppy

Florida resident bonds with her new pet from the Humane Society of Missouri.

Posted: December 10, 2008, 5 a.m. EST

World's Ugliest DogJeanenne Teed of Florida wasn’t looking to replace her Chinese Crested dog Gus, who in October was named by Animal Planet as the World’s Ugliest Dog. After Gus died of skin cancer in November, Teed’s Chihuahua, Buttons, was lonely, she says.

Thanks to the Internet, she found a 4-month-old Chinese Crested puppy who was rescued from a West Virginia puppy mill and rehabilitated by the Humane Society of Missouri. The puppy, named Moe by the shelter staff for the perfect Mohawk he has from head to toe, has loved the attention he’s getting at his new home, Teed says.

After learning that Moe was a rescue puppy, Teed says she was willing to make the travel arrangements for his adoption. At the shelter, Moe’s caregivers said they knew it would be a good pairing because of Teed’s experience with the breed.

“We thought they would be a perfect match because she fell in love with him just seeing him on the Internet,” says Tammi Britton, Humane Society of Missouri shelter manager. “We knew she would be willing and able to give him the necessary care and love he would need.”

Now that the two have had a few weeks to bond, Teed says she’s changing her new puppy’s name from Moe to Jack Rabbit, for the way he runs and because of his floppy, bunny-like ears. His appearance is more like the traditional Chinese Crested, she says, and he probably wouldn’t take the title that Gus earned. “He’s way too cute,” she says.


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gnsnggfhfcbf   fbsgh, KS

9/8/2009 4:32:29 PM


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Hallie   Easley, SC

12/21/2008 3:42:01 PM

Hello, Im so happy that you found another dog that will bring joy to your life!! Your dog jack rabbit i bet is so happy to be with a good owner. I love dogs and i have one myself and hoping to get another. Have a very merry christmas bless you for loving animals!!!

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Kim Davis   Parkersburg, WV

12/17/2008 4:32:53 PM

I'm so sorry you lost your dog Gus, and Jack Rabbit is so lucky you found him. I think it's a wonderful thing for the both of you.I saw many of these dog from the puppy mill bust and to see them end up in a home like your's make me very happy .....good luck and Merry Christmas!!!!!

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Jessica   Charleston, WV

12/17/2008 7:03:43 AM

Your new puppy is so cute. I am so happy for you! I rescued a beagle about 6 months ago, if i wouldn't have went and got her i think she would be dead. Sad to say. She is my world, they always say when you rescue a dog they know it and they will love you unconditionally!! thats the truth she stays right by my side, when I first seen her I didn't even want to pick her up but I took her home, to the vet, and just gave her some love and care! She had heat spots all over her, her face was just sick looking. She was so miserable, but now she is the best looking thing walking down the block!! Thanks Have a great day!!!

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