Buddy Is Most Popular Dog Name for 2008

Petfinder.com survey reveals top names for dogs and cats.

Posted: December 31, 2008, 5 a.m. EST

It’s official: Buddy the dog and Lucy the cat top the list of the most popular names for pets in 2008, according to a Petfinder.com survey.

Petfinder.com, known as the national “yellow pages” for animal shelters and rescue organizations, unveiled its compilation of the top 10 most popular and most unusual pet names for the year. Buddy came in as the most popular name for dogs for the second year in a row.

Max came in as the second most popular dog name among Petfinder’s 145,242 adoptable dogs. In the feline category, Lucy beat out Molly for the top spot among the 140,269 cats found on Petfinder.

Among the most unusual names, the list included Joe the Plumber, McLovin and Bon Jo Flea. The following are the complete lists.

Top 10 Most Popular Dog Names
1. Buddy (805)
2. Max (620)
3. Daisy (588)
4. Jack (520)
5. Lucy (496)
6. Molly (476)
7. Charlie (431)
8. Sadie (415)
9. Jake (407)
10. Lucky (405)
Top 10 Most Popular Cat Names
1. Lucy (354)
2. Molly (328)
3. Oreo (320)
4. Kittens (318)
5. Smokey (315)
6. Princess (312)
7. Shadow (310)
8. Tigger (310)
9. Angel (309)
10. Missy (301)

Top 10 Most Unusual Names
1. Woe Izmee
2. Gwyneth Poultry (a duck)
3. SoSueMe
4. 54cent Swee'T
5. Iamaredneckwoman
6. Angry Chef Soup
7. Ms. Cornflake Especially
8. Bon Jo Flea
9. McLovin
10. Joe the Plumber


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User Avatar

Sue   Salt Lake City, UT

6/28/2010 11:32:26 PM

I have three dogs. A male Border Collie named "Buddy" (he made the list). A male Siberian Huskey named "Timber" and a female Siberian Huskey named "Cache'". One out of three isn't bad!

User Avatar

Cassy   Sandusky, OH

2/25/2010 11:49:18 AM

I have a dog named Misty.If she was a boy her name was going to Buddy.

User Avatar

Roberta   Fenton, MI

2/3/2010 7:22:45 PM

I have four dogs: Chloe (an Akita) Joey ( a great dane) Ella ( a ridgeback) & Boo~Bear ( a pit bull)I also have a cat Josie ( the pussy cat)! None of there names made the list

User Avatar

mimi   diamond bar, CA

1/11/2010 6:16:22 PM


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