UKC Announces Top Dog Breeds for 2008

Treeing Walker Coonhound ranks No. 1 on the United Kennel Club’s list.

Posted: February 20, 2009, 5 a.m. EST

The United Kennel Club unveiled its annual “Top Ten” list ranking registered purebred dog breeds for 2008, a long-standing tradition based on UKC registration figures. This list identifies trends in purebred dog ownership and offers a glimpse of what's to come for purebred dog registration in the upcoming year.

The Top Ten breeds for 2008 are as follows:

  1. Treeing Walker Coonhound (Scenthound Group) 
  2. American Pit Bull Terrier (Terrier Group)
  3. Bluetick Coonhound (Scenthound Group)
  4. English Coonhound (Scenthound Group)
  5. American Black & Tan Coonhound (Scenthound Group)
  6. Redbone Coonhound (Scenthound Group)
  7. Beagle (Scenthound Group)
  8. Labrador Retriever (Gun Dog Group)
  9. Plott Hound (Scenthound Group)
  10. American Eskimo Dog (Northern Group)

The list consists of seven Scenthound breeds, including Treeing Walker and Bluetick Coonhounds placing in positions one and three respectively. Also, the rise in popularity of other breeds such as American Pit Bull Terrier and Beagle (having held these positions for the third year in a row) show the general public’s desire to own dogs that are not only good family pets but also can perform competitively in skill events, according to the UKC.

All 2008 Top Ten dogs are invited to compete in the Top Ten Finals Invitational, June 11 and 12, held in conjunction with the 16th annual Premier in Kalamazoo, Mich.


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Veronika   Milwaukee, WI

4/16/2009 2:35:09 PM

It is surprising to see Walker Treeing on on the top, as it's almost impossible to find one in WI. I own one and I didn't see this bread anywhere around nor on sales very often.

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nmolly   boulder, CO

2/20/2009 8:29:49 PM

wow id of thought that the lab would be first

User Avatar

Marie   Irvine, CA

2/20/2009 5:36:37 PM

It's fascinating how different the UKC Top Ten list is from the AKC Top Ten list.

User Avatar

julie   lewiston, ME

2/20/2009 3:02:29 PM

Very interesting information. I love all dogs anyways.

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