Jon and Kate Plus Two – Puppies

"Jon & Kate Plus 8” family adds two German Shepherd Dog puppies to their home.

Posted: February 25, 2009, 5 a.m. EST

TLC’s “Jon & Kate Plus 8” brood has grown: The Gosselins have added two German Shepherd Dog puppies to their family.

“Our kids wanted a pet. They’ve always wanted a pet. They begged for a puppy. We moved here, we have the land. I thought it made sense,” explains Kate, already the mom of twin 8-year-old daughters and 4-year-old sextuplets. “Somewhere along the line, one puppy became two puppies, which I’m not quite sure how that happened.”

Adds Jon, “That means double the poop. Oops, we forgot about that.”

Kate says she and Jon were scared to take the dogs home.

“We were so stinking scared,” says Kate, a first-time dog owner. “We were more scared to get dogs than we were to have kids.”

On the episode set to air March 2, the family visits the dogs’ breeder, a former police officer who Jon and Kate met at a public appearance. The family picks out a male they name Shooka, and a female puppy they name Nala.

To see pictures of the puppies, visit TLC’s website.


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sdgasgapjdgpadg   asdgjspdgjspdjg, MS

5/24/2009 6:27:40 PM

This was a terrible desicion!! Getting(not one) but TWO GSD pups was a bad idea, for a person with 8 kids and who dosen't know a thing about dogs. GSDs are NOT for the first time dog owner!I grew up with GSDs all my life! They should have gotten a 6 year old golden retriever. I watched as the gosselins "housebroke" their pups. They didn't take them out enough and they should never ever let to new puppies run loose outside. Young puppies have to be taken out every half an hour. They don't give the pups enough exercise, they let them get away with nipping. They think its cute now, but what till there older and there puppy teeth grow in! Also they are feeding them that beneful! That is not a good brand!!

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Heather poe   Gillespie, IL

3/7/2009 7:26:09 AM

I think the Gosselin's are doing a wonderful a job training the puppies not to go on the carptent in they new home . keep up the good work jon and kate and the little kids.

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madie   greensboro, NC

2/25/2009 11:59:02 AM

i love john & kate + 8! i know kate is a neat freak, but i think she'll love them after some time..

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jackie   miami, FL

2/25/2009 10:47:21 AM

raising that many kids and adding 2 puppies of same age to a first time dog owners home-not smart! i hope they plan on getting to puppy classes,socialize the puppies and fix them when old enough to avoid
and speaking of accidents, i hope someone teaches the kids dog safety and
good luck!

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