Chicago Puppies May Face Mandatory Spay-Neuter

Proposed ordinance also sets new requirements for dog and cat breeders.

Posted: March 11, 2009, 5 a.m. EST

The dog and cat population is making news in Chicago once again with the resurfacing of a mandatory spay-neuter proposal, which attempts to address the issues that stalled the original bill.

In the new proposal, set to be voted on at a committee meeting March 12, a $100 fine would be imposed on a third offense for not having a pet spayed or neutered by 6 months of age. The original fine was set at $500.

Sponsors of the ordinance say the goal is to prevent attacks by packs of stray dogs and to reduce the dog population in the city’s shelters. Opponents, which include the Illinois State Veterinary Medical Association, maintain that spay-neuter surgery should not be a mandate, and prefer voluntary methods.

The new measure, released by Alderman Edward Burke, also would establish the following guidelines for breeders:

* Prohibits the breeding of female dogs and cats more than once a year without special permission.
* Bans the sale of puppies and kittens before 8 weeks of age.
* Requires breeders to provide veterinary and vaccination records to puppy and kitten purchasers.
* Requires that the breeding permit number be displayed in any advertisement offering puppies or kittens for sale.

Exemptions are outlined in the proposal, including the following:
* If a licensed veterinarian certifies that the pet’s health would best be served by spaying-neutering after a specified date.
* Dogs or cats with a valid breeding permit.
* Dogs or cats whose owners hold a valid animal care facility license.
* The dog is trained or is in the process of being trained as a service dog, police dog, or military dog.


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Nancy   Toronto, ON

3/12/2009 10:49:18 AM

This is part of the PETA mandate. One generation then gone. They know that every win they get makes it easier for the next. Please don't let this happen!!! I am not a dog or cat breeder, actually I don't even own a cat or dog! What I do know is PETA and HSUS have unscrupulous reasons to stop breeding.

I am not saying that laws do not need to be changed but mandatory spay/neutering is not one of them!

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F   LA, CA

3/12/2009 10:37:47 AM

MSN has repeatedly been proven to NOT work. This is another misguided piece of legislation

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Denise   Omaha, NE

3/11/2009 8:57:27 PM

This is ridiculous! I am very tired of the government coming in and telling us how to run our lives. I am sure a city the size of Chicago has many issues needing attention--homelessness, crime, gangs, other than too many dogs in a shelter. This type of law is nothing but a thinly veiled aggressive act against those of us who love purebred dogs and cats, and of course another way to increase tax revenues. If I choose to become a pet owner, the government should not have the right to come into my personal decision and tell me how I am going to raise and take care of my pet. Think about it, those that don't choose not to spay/neuter for whatever reason, have no fear of a $100 fine--since most of them will never be discovered anyway. This is nothing less than another grab at your wallet, and the government intruding into our personal lives. Wake up folks! This stuff is happening everywhere.

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Alina   Vero Beach, FL

3/11/2009 12:54:26 PM

I agree with some of these rules. But 6 months is a little early for a puppy to be

$100 is a lot of money for a fine. Many people don't have the money to even get their pets altered. It is a pretty pricey

I agree that pets should be altered. But people are not thinking for the future. If every single cat and dog is altered. The 2 species will become extinct, because they won't be able to reproduce.

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