Oprah’s Puppy Recovering From Parvo

The talk-show host says Cocker Spaniel puppy Sadie "has been through a lot.”

Posted: March 25, 2009, 5 a.m. EDT

Oprah Winfrey says her Cocker Spaniel puppy Sadie “has been through a lot” but is “hanging in there” after being stricken with parvovirus.

“We had some … nights where we thought she might not make it,” Winfrey said on her show March 13th show. “She was on plasma replacements and four antibiotics,” adding that Sadie still didn’t “have her little puppy personality back yet.”

Sadie appeared on the show via a videoconference link with veterinarian Alexis Newman, DVM, of the Arboretum Animal Hospital in Downers Grove, Ill. Newman said Sadie was about 80 percent recovered after being close to death a week prior.

Sadie’s littermate Ivan died of parvo on March 19, about a week after being adopted by Winfrey.

Winfrey said she had flown the pups to her Montecito, Calif., home before they got sick.

“Ivan had really one great day playing with the big dogs and playing with Sadie and then he got sick,” Winfrey said. She added that her other dogs were “fine” because they had been vaccinated against the disease, which attacks the gastrointestinal tract.

Newman expects Sadie to return to Winfrey’s home in a few days.


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Rose   Kissimmee, FL

6/26/2009 12:47:50 PM

We have a 10 week old Border Collie that came down with Parvo 3 days after we got her. She has been hospitalized for 3 days now but is recovering and I pick her up to come home this afternoon. Hope all goes well with recovery but am thankful to have her back!

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steve   minneapolis, MN

4/13/2009 8:10:29 AM

Sadie is lucky to have been adopted by Oprah since she can afford the medical treatment. We had a puppy for 36 hours and had to give it back to the puppy farm we bought it at because with no guarantees that the pup would live, it would have been over $1000 a day to treat the dog at the University of Minnesota. Treatmentwas expected to take 3-5 days. I couldn't afford that for a pup I just met. Sad but true, the pup did not make it.

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aischa   shamokin, PA

3/25/2009 10:02:20 PM

that is sad story i hope the puppy makes it i wish the other puppy would have made it too i know how it is to lose a pet i hope she has more blessings to come and all the rest of her dogs are healthy and live sweet story of her to adopt those puppies we need more of that to save the pets in shelters

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Michele   Freeport, IL

3/25/2009 6:16:54 PM

I hope Sadie pulls through.If anyone can make it possible,Oprah can.

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