Dogs Compete to Be ‘Leader of the Pack’

New TV show features eight dogs competing to win a family’s heart.

Posted: April 4, 2009, 5 a.m. EDT

The debut of "Leader of the Pack"
follows the Reckseit family as they
search for their perfect match.

Choosing a dog to fit your family can be exciting and challenging, especially when the competition is fierce.

On HGTV’s new reality show “Leader of the Pack,” eight dogs are let loose in one family’s home, competing to earn a permanent place in the home.

With a variety of breeds and plenty of personalities – both canine and human – there will plenty of excitement to watch. Dogs like Buster the energetic Beagle, Louie the lackadaisical Bichon Frise mix, and Ginger the overbearing hound mix, turn the quiet home into quite a doghouse.

Throughout the show, the eight dogs and family meet with trainers, behavioral specialists, and humane society consultants, and compete in challenges to determine who is top dog. Each week, one dog is eliminated. No tears, though – each dog is found a loving home.

Root for your own underdog when “Leader of The Pack” debuts Sunday, April 26, at  8 p.m. ET on HGTV.



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Maggie   Lancaster, PA

9/10/2009 5:30:41 AM

I think I'll withold judgement till I see the show.

BTW, to the person who commented on what if this was done with kids. Well it often is, without the TV cameras. It's called Foster Care. Many families, my own included, take in foster kids...only to adopt the one thats the right fit. While you don't always have 8 kids in your home at once, you may have 8 go through the doors before you decide to adopt.

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Sharon   Houston, TX

5/27/2009 8:43:53 AM

I am SO disappointed in HGTV for sponsoring this show. If we are to do this, then why not go to an orphanage and put 8 children in a home to compete as to who gets to be adopted? Animals are the most forgiving, loving creatures and will do almost anythig to please. It doesn't matter that they will all find a home - this is just exploitation, plain and simple. I LOVE dogs and animals, but this is just not right. Is this really the image HGTV wants to present?

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Ako   Houston, TX

5/26/2009 2:25:41 PM

This is disgusting. A dog is a pack animal and you are going to take innocent dogs that do not understand what is going on, make them a part of the pack and then one by one yank them out of the family. I will do everything in my power to make sure people do not watch this, complain to the show sponsors and boycott them. What brainless idiot thought this up?

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Gail   Grapevine, TX

5/17/2009 5:57:23 PM

LOVE IT! Let's see more!

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