Kennel Owner Guilty of Dog Abuse, Torture

Minnesota judge orders woman to serve jail time, community service.

Posted: May 12, 2009, 5 a.m. EDT

The operator of Pick of the Litter kennel in New York Mills, Minn., was sentenced to 20 days in jail after being found guilty of multiple counts of animal cruelty and torture.

Kathy Jo Bauck was ordered by Judge Waldemar Senyk on May 1, 2009, to also pay a $500 fine as part of her conviction. Her sentence also calls for probation and 80 hours of community service.

Bauck has housed more than 1,300 dogs of 32 breeds at Pick of the Litter, according to inspection reports. Evidence against her included undercover video that exposed how the dogs and puppies were being treated.

On March 24, after a 4½-day trial and six hours of deliberation, a jury cleared Bauck of felony charges but found her guilty of four misdemeanors -- one count of animal cruelty and three counts of torture.

Bauck must now allow unscheduled kennel inspections if she plans to keep running the business.


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lala   salinas, CA

5/12/2009 6:53:35 PM

This is not right

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S.M.   Phoenix, AZ

5/12/2009 6:00:28 PM

What is wrong with our legal system!!! Who in their right mind would allow this animal abuser to ever get near an animal again. Not only that but what punishment is 20 days in jail, a $500 fine, and 80 hours of community service. By the time this is all finished, she most likely have most of this reduced. Then to top it off, she's only charged with 4 misdemeanors. What justice is that for all the animals she abused? What kind of people were on that jury? Don't they see any wrong in what she was doing? I think this lady should have everything done to her that she did to these poor suffering animals.

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Michele   Freeport, IL

5/12/2009 5:56:05 PM

This woman should never be allowed back in business ever again.My dog was a puppy mill rescue and I can tell you first hand about some of the horrible conditions these dogs live with.At 8 weeks old my Dachshund puppy had cancer and the owner of the puppy mill did not take her to a vet.She was with three other puppies in a dirty cage with no food or water present.Unfortunately the state I lived in at the time had no laws against puppy mills.I decided to rescue this puppy.I only wish I could have saved them all.Please do not support pet stores who buy there puppies from mills.

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Amy   Charles City, IA

5/12/2009 4:36:56 PM

She shouldn't be allowed to ever have dogs again(any animal really) obviously they mean nothing to her except the all mighty buck and gives serious breeders a bad name. Don't buy from puppy mills!!!

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