The DogChannel Newswire (06-17-09)

Dog swept into creek still missing; Dachshund survives snake bite; and other news.

Posted: June 17, 2009, 5 a.m. EDT

China City Kills 36,000 Dogs After Rabies Deaths
A Chinese city has killed 36,000 stray and pet dogs in a bid to wipe out rabies, state media said on Tuesday, as the country considers a draft law recognizing animal rights and making such a cull illegal. Rabies has killed 12 people in Hanzhong, where more than 6,000 people had been bitten or scratched since late May, Reuters reports.
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It’s an Owner’s Scolding That Makes a ‘Guilty’ Dog
You know that guilty look your dog gets, like when you come home and find he’s chewed up your favorite pair of Manolo Blahniks? Scientists cannot say, yet, whether your dog is really feeling guilty about such transgressions. But they can say this: Your dog’s look is related not so much to what he did, but to what you did, The New York Times reports.
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Dog Swept Into Creek Still Missing
A dog is still missing several days after he fell into Big Cottonwood Creek, prompting his owner to jump in after him and both to be swept down the creek. On Friday, the woman dove after Harrison, a 13-year-old German Shepherd Dog, and was washed through parts of Holladay and Murray, Utah, The Salt Lake Tribune reports.
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Black Dog, Hard Sell
Big black dogs are among the last animals to be adopted, but local shelters are trying to turn that around with makeovers and a little better marketing. Sometimes, all it takes is better lighting, a brightly colored collar, or even a unique squeaky toy in a cage for an animal to be noticed, shelter workers say, The (Charleston, S.C.) Post and Courier reports.
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Dachshund Survives Snake Bite With Help From Homeless Dog
When a surly water moccasin bit a Fort Walton Beach, Fla., family's 3-year-old Dachshund, it was almost lights out for the tiny dog. Now, Buddy is back with his family – albeit with a swollen face – thanks to veterinarians' care and blood transfusions from a homeless retriever, The Northwest Florida Daily News reports.
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Jon   Denver, CO

6/17/2009 5:16:13 PM

i hate how china treats animals... they also eat dogs and cats, plus they skin them alive for their fur! chinese citizens need to stand up for what is right and these people need to stop fing up innocent animals.

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