California Pet Spay-Neuter Bill Moves Forward

Senate Bill 250 would require most of the state’s dogs and cats to be sterilized.

Posted: July 6, 2009, 5 a.m. EDT

California Senate Bill 250, a measure that seeks to require spay or neuter surgery for most of the state’s dogs and cats, recently passed the Assembly Business and Professions Committee by a vote of 6 to 4.

The bill will now be heard in the Assembly Appropriations Committee on July 15.

SB 250, by Senate Majority Leader Dean Florez, calls on cat owners to spay or neuter their cats at 6 months of age if the cats are allowed to roam at large. The bill also requires the sterilization of all dogs at 6 months of age, unless the owner gets an unaltered dog license.

The bill has been amended to authorize local governments to use existing procedures to issue the intact dog licenses or to charge a fee for procedures related to the issuance, denial or revocation of unaltered dog licenses. In addition, unaltered dogs used in legal hunting activities would be exempt from being cited.

The sterilization of dogs found to be at-large continues to be a requirement under the bill.


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Mindy   Somewhere, AS

7/21/2009 7:38:58 AM

It's not as easy as it seems. This has PETA written all over it. These people are radical people who want to end all dog ownership. Watch your step, CA legislation.

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Steve   Beverly Hills, CA

7/10/2009 4:23:53 PM

This bill is funded by PETA, an organization that makes millions from executing dogs and cats. The goal is to exterminate all dog and cat life from the planet and for PETA to make a hundreds of millions from the massacre. Check out PETA's previous run ins with the law, where it took in pets for adoption and executed and dumped the puppies in trash bins within a couple of hours of receipt of the adoptable pets. PETA has a 97% kill rate.

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laura   salt lake city, UT

7/9/2009 2:40:21 PM

This is an anti purebred law that also hurts participants in agility and flyball who want to wait until the growth plates have closed before getting their dog fixed. Especially for those who want to participate in dog sports this is a bad law. When a dog is fixed at under 6 months, its hormones are gone so their growth rate is abnormal. This is bad for dog sports. It will hurt a dog if you jump it if its growth plates have closed abnormally!!

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Christina   Wylie, TX

7/7/2009 6:39:49 PM

Oh No, for those of you who are for this law, I don't think you understand correctly. This is PETA's doing, though they say otherwise, their dream is to make the domestic dog and all other domestic animals go into extinction! Anyone can leave their dog intact (exxpecially people who don't abide the law) The people who will spay/nueter dogs after this law are the responsible people. Puppy Mills will still go on underground and the dogs will be in even worse condition because they are trying to hide it while good breeders get kicked out because they abide the law!

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