Kellan Lutz Loves Working Out With His Dog

The "Twilight” actor says his dog, Kola, makes getting in shape fun.

Posted: August 5, 2009, 5 a.m. EDT

Kellan Lutz has a great workout partner – his mixed-breed dog, Kola.

“I have a pool in my backyard so every morning I will go swimming, even when it’s colder,” the “Twilight” actor told MSNBC. “I’ll have my dog swim with me but usually she doesn’t go under the water so we usually play a game.”

The buffed-out Lutz says the regimen works well for him because “I get bored when I’m in the gym,” he says. “I play with my dog for a workout. It’s great.”

Lutz also sports a pedometer to track how far he walks every day, and to check how many calories he’s burning. “I wear this thing as much as I can just for fun. It’s a motivator,” he says.

But his No. 1 workout tip is to have a blast.

“Make games. Enjoy. Don’t be lazy,” Lutz says. “Try to find something that you’re into — running hiking, biking, swimming … Just make it fun.”


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Jessica   Corona, CA

8/5/2009 11:08:02 AM

Yay! That just shows that some celebrities really know how to use their brain!

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