The DogChannel Newswire (08-25-09)

Judge wants dogs used in justice system; dog books with dignity – and bite; and other news.

Posted: August 25, 2009, 5 a.m. EDT

Two Charged in Dogfighting Ring
Two men have been charged for helping to operate a dogfighting ring that was busted Sunday in East Germantown by Pennsylvania SPCA following an animal-cruelty hotline tip, police said Monday, the Philadelphia Inquirer reports.
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Man Drowns Rescuing Dog
A 59-year-old suburban Chicago man apparently drowned while rescuing one of his dogs. The man and his wife were walking their dogs along a lake. One dog became entangled in vegetation when it went into the water to retrieve a ball, the Chicago Tribune reports.
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Tips for Reducing the Chance a Dog Will Bite
Experts say early, positive and thorough obedience training, starting with puppy kindergarten, is one way that dog owners can make their dog less likely to bite. The Associated Press offers other tips.
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Dog Books With Dignity – and Real Bite
Sentimentality is the curse of the dog book. Confronted with bright eyes and furry muzzle, we melt, and after that, we take leave of our senses. How else to explain the depressing number of mediocre dog books that scale the best-seller lists like hungry mutts do kitchen counters? The Chicago Tribune reports.
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Judge Wants Dogs Used in Justice System
A dog-loving judge wants canines in courthouses and jailhouses. Judge Emmet Ferguson, 48, a volunteer service dog trainer, supports a growing national trend of using well-trained friendly dogs to provide a calming influence to tense victims, witnesses, defendants, lawyers, judges or law enforcement officers, the Florida Times-Union reports.
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