The DogChannel Newswire (09-11-09)

New hope in the war on canine cancer; loud dogs may draw fines in Chicago; and other news.

Posted: September 11, 2009, 5 a.m. EDT

A New Hope in the War Against Dog Cancer
The sickening truth is that cancer can affect anyone, and our beloved pets are sadly no exception. But this summer Palladia arrived, making it the first approved cancer drug for dogs, aimed at those afflicted with mast cell cancer, MSNBC reports.
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Ponder This Next Time You Buy Those Expensive Pet Meds
Over the past three years, not only has the price of pet food skyrocketed almost a whopping 30% (yes, those bags really are smaller), your pets' drugs are increasingly expensive, too, USA Today reports.
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Loud Dogs May Draw Fines in Chicago
Chicago pet owners would be fined up to $250 for having a dog that barks incessantly under a proposal introduced Wednesday by two influential aldermen who want the ordinance because of complaints from constituents whose neighbors won't shut up their dogs, the Chicago Tribune reports.
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Beware the Dog-Nappers
In just one month this summer, dog-nappers snatched a puppy from a 5-year-old child's lap in a public park in Idaho, a Lhasa Apso from a backyard in North Carolina and a 16-week-old Boxer from the owner's yard in Oklahoma. The American Kennel Club first alerted the public to this growing trend in April 2008 and has continued to informally track incidents of dog theft, USA Today reports.
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