Aubrey O’Day Defends Her Dog’s Dye Job

The singer says her Maltese Ginger likes the attention her dyed coat receives.

Posted: October 9, 2009, 5 a.m. EDT

Aubrey O’Day is defending her decision to repeatedly dye her 1-year-old Maltese Ginger’s hair.

“She likes to have looks,” the former Danity Kane singer tells Us Magazine. “It actually seems like such a taboo weird thing nowadays, but if you research online, you will see a whole underworld of dogs who are dyed.”

O’Day morphs the Maltese’s hair “for different occasions,” she says. For example, the pooch recently sported a green ’do because O’Day “loves the [Boston] Celtics.”

O’Day says she’s developing a natural dog dye and gets her vet to approve any dye she uses.

As for applying the dye, O’Day does it while Ginger sleeps because it’s “hassle-free; she doesn’t even know [it’s happening],” she says.

“I do it like anyone would color hair,” O’Day says. “She sits on my lap, and I have a brush, and I paint it on and use foils.”

Ginger “loves attention and because she’s colored and has different outfits, she gets so much of it,” O’Day says. “She prefers it.”


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10/11/2009 9:33:40 PM

yuck poor dog

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karen   little rock, AR

10/11/2009 3:38:24 AM

I strongly agree with shana of ca.Do people think bad if a human dyes their hair?...NO.The dogs have fun with this like shana says b/c of the attention.I do not color my dogs hair but this is fun and cute and THEIR DOG!

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K.W.   Somewhere, KS

10/10/2009 3:35:28 PM

Who really prefers the dye, the dog or the person? People get a little worked up about other people dying their dogs, but it is wrong. Dogs are dogs, if you color them and dress them up they become toys. I have not seen how the dog reacts, so I would not know, but I think the Aubrey does it for her pleasure and appearence, not the dogs.

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shana   la, CA

10/9/2009 10:31:47 PM

any dog i've EVER had LOVES attention. so even if the groomer stuck stupid bows in her hair, if i see her and say 'oh how BEAUTIFUL YOU LOOK- MY DOG NEVER KNOWS, SHE JUST SEES THAT I AM PLEASED AND LOVING HER. THE POINT: aubrey's dog gets all kinds of praise from all people who fuss over her just cause she is dyed pink and they think its unusual or cute. her dog doesn't have societal standards. just like a baby, her dog only knows she is getting positive attention and is in dog heaven cause of it. you all need to chill! she's not hurting her dog, her dog is happy and loved. her dog doesn't know the difference between natural or dyed nor does she care.

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