Keep the Peace With the Neighbors’ Dogs

New website aims to end neighborhood dog barking disputes in a polite fashion.

Posted: December 5, 2009, 5 a.m. EST

Have you lost sleep because a neighbor’s dog is barking uncontrollably? Are you at a loss for how to handle the situation? A new website called may be just the solution. allows neighbors to address their concerns by sending an anonymous pre-written note or e-mail to the disruptive dog’s owner.

“One of the most frequent sources of calls to local animal control departments is excessive barking from dogs,” said Randy Boyd, president and CEO of Radio Systems Corp., which created the site. “We hope the website will help ease friction between neighbors and also keep otherwise good dogs from being taken to the pound.”

Concerned neighbors can choose to send an anonymous postcard or e-mail pre-written in a friendly, humorous or serious tone. There is also an option to include a personal message.

Along with the note, senders can include professionally-written tips on controlling nuisance barking and a coupon for one of PetSafe’s bark solution training products.



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Jan   Phx., AZ

12/6/2009 4:46:03 PM

Good idea!

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Jerrie   SF, CA

12/6/2009 8:31:18 AM

Good advice!

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sal   nh, CT

12/5/2009 11:50:33 PM

good idea

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Galadriel   Lothlorien, ME

12/5/2009 11:41:05 PM

Love the photo.

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