The DogChannel Newswire (03-02-10)

Pet food pantry aims to keep pets in homes; number of vegan pets on the rise; and other news.

Posted: March 2, 2010, 2 a.m. EST

Pet Food Pantry Aims to Keep Pets in Homes
Financially strapped pet owners in Peoria, Ill., no longer have to worry about where their four-legged friend's next meal is coming from. Thanks to overwhelming support from the community, a new charity, Food 4 Paws, will open its pantry doors on Sunday to help area pet owners with food assistance, the Peoria Journal Star reports.
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Origin of Small Dogs Pinned Down
The ancestor of all those Chihuahuas, spaniels and tiny terriers likely came from the Middle East, a new study finds. All domestic dog breeds that exist in the world today in their myriad forms are the result of the domestication of the gray wolf. And gradually, as humans selected for traits they wanted in their dogs, dogs diversified, Yahoo! News reports.
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Fluffy, Meet Tofu
A growing number of pet owners nationwide are serving only vegan food to their furry companions. They say a meat-free diet is better for the animals. As a result, sales of vegan pet food are leaping, as are concerns among some veterinarians, the Calgary Herald reports.
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National Campaign Seeks Mandatory Registration for Animal Abusers
A nationwide campaign is under way to create mandatory state registries for convicted animal abusers, modeled after those in place for convicted sex offenders. The first such legislation may soon pass in California, The Oregonian reports.
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