New Orleans Considers Dog Spay-Neuter Ordinance

Proposal would establish spay-neuter requirements, intact-dog permits.

Posted: April 22, 2010, 2 a.m. EDT

Mixed-breed dogsThe New Orleans City Council has introduced an ordinance that, if passed, would require owners or keepers to spay or neuter all dogs older than 6 months. The council plans to discuss, and possibly vote on, the ordinance at its meeting on May 6.

Exemptions would extend to dogs younger than 6 months, dogs present in New Orleans for less than 30 days and dogs that are used by a government or law enforcement agency or an agent thereof for government, rescue, law enforcement or other government purposes. A licensed veterinarian may also certify that a dog should not be spayed or neutered for a specific health reason. Owners or keepers who have obtained or submitted an application for an “intact dog permit” may also be exempt.

An “intact dog permit” would be available from the Louisiana Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. In order for the society to grant the permit, owners or keepers would need to adhere to the following conditions:

  • Submit appropriate forms and fees, including, but not limited to, a written description of the dog, a photo of the dog and a photo of the dog’s living conditions

  • Proof the dog has been microchipped

  • Proof of current vaccinations for rabies, distemper and parvovirus

  • Not allow female dogs to breed before reaching 18 months old

  • Not allow female dogs to have more than one litter per year

  • If a permit is granted, owners or keepers must display the permit number when advertising puppies for sale or adoption

  • No animal under 6 weeks old may be sold, given away or adopted

  • Upon approval, the applicant must pay the initial $10 application fee plus a $20 annual fee.

The ordinance also provides fines for those who fail to comply with the permit requirements. Fines for a first violation could be up to $100 per dog, second violation up to $250 per dog and a third violation would result in impoundment and fines of up to $500 per dog.

Proceeds from the fees and fines would be used to support animal control activities within the city, according to the ordinance.

To read the ordinance, click here.


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Jean   New Orleans, LA

5/5/2010 5:22:02 AM

This is only a tax on responsible dog owners. It is designed to penalize people with purebred dogs, because of an agenda by a certain group of extremists. The same people who do not obey the licensing laws, the rabies laws, the vicious dog laws, and the other laws, will not obey this intrusive and divisive law. Its purpose is merely to create a revenue stream so they can hire more people to harass the responsible dog owners.

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Tom   Buckeye, AZ

4/25/2010 4:48:56 PM

Way to go! I hope this goes through.

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momo   anaheim, CA

4/25/2010 3:51:17 PM


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Christine   Eugene, OR

4/25/2010 8:28:21 AM


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