Group Issues Warning on Pet Supplements

Trade group cautions owners against pet supplements with misleading quality-assurance claims.

Posted: November 3, 2010, 2 a.m. EDT

Mixed-breed dogThe National Animal Supplement Council (NASC), a nonprofit industry trade group, has issued a warning advising the public to be on the look out for misleading quality assurance claims for animal health supplements.

NASC said it issued the warning in response to the growing popularity of pet health supplements and recent confusion in the marketplace over marketing-geared quality seals.

“It’s imperative that, as an industry, we continue to act responsibly at every level,” said Bill Bookout, NASC president. “The integrity and future of the animal health supplement industry is dependent on companies disclosing credible, non-biased, verified third-party information about their products and implementing programs to help ensure quality verification and continued vigilance.”

NASC provided several recommendations for owners shopping for pet supplements. Among them, NASC said shoppers should verify that the quality seal was awarded by an unbiased, third-party organizations, not companies, retailers or manufacturers.

In addition, quality seals, according to NASC, should require companies to adhere to proper labeling guidelines, including warnings and caution statements suggested by the Food and Drug Administration, Center for Veterinary Medicine and associations recommending regulatory policy.

For more information, visit the National Animal Supplement Council's website.


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Sandi   N/A, OH

11/4/2010 4:08:22 AM

The pet products should be FDA approved also.

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Galadriel   Lothlorien, ME

11/3/2010 7:25:08 PM

It's sad to think that the supplements we can barely afford to give to our pets might not even have the ingredients they claim.

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Carol   Silver Spring, MD

11/3/2010 7:19:43 PM

Veterinarians and industry groups should continue to do more public education regarding OTC products for animals.

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