Dog Bless You Launches Angel Eyes

For every 5,000 likes to its Facebook page, Dog Bless You will donate a guide dog.

Posted: March 5, 2012, 7 p.m. EST

Angel Eyes

Dog Bless You, a philanthropic dog community dedicated to celebrating the selfless acts of dogs, launches a campaign to bring guide dogs to the blind.

The Angel Eyes campaign provides people the opportunity to participate and show support by simply “liking” the Dog Bless You Facebook page. For every 5,000 likes, between now and March 31, 2012, Dog Bless You will provide the funds needed to train and gift a guide dog through partner organizations across the country.

Dog Bless You has launched similar campaigns to pair service dogs with military vets, bring search and rescue dogs to emergency efforts in Japan and in the US, and support dogs of the homeless.

“Dogs are the guardian angels of the human spirit. They improve the human experience in amazing ways.  Seeing eye dogs are among the most dramatic examples of that,” says Charlie Weingarten, founder and community curator of Dog Bless You.

According to the World Health Organization, approximately 11.4 million Americans are blind or visually impaired, and an estimated 47,000 people go blind every year. Guide dogs provide an invaluable service to humans, giving sight to the blind, and forming an unprecedented bond with their owner.

Dog Bless You hopes this particular campaign will create passionate awareness about the system nationwide to help streamline the dog donation process and better serve those in need.


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Karen & Goldie   Ashland, AL

3/9/2012 9:34:11 AM

What a great program! Thanks DC!

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Sharon   Cleveland, TN

3/9/2012 8:16:11 AM

This is a really neat thing. Thank you DC

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Alicia   Hollister, CA

3/7/2012 11:49:44 PM


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k   k, KS

3/5/2012 11:52:53 PM

Angle eyes?

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