Miniature American Shepherd

Fast Facts

Country of Origin:USA
AKC Group:Rare
Life Span:14 to 16 years
Color:Blue merle, red merle, black or red, all with or without white or tan markings
Coat:Medium, double coat
Size:Medium Dog Breed
Height:13 to 18 inches tall at the withers
Weight:20 to 40 pounds

A small herding breed, the Miniature American Shepherd was developed in the United States during the 1960s.The Miniature American Shepherd displays all of the characteristics of its larger Australian Shepherd relatives, including an attentive, energetic personality, high intelligence, and eagerness to work.

Like all herding breeds, the Miniature American Shepherd benefits from early obedience training and moderate daily exercise to harness its abundant energy.

The Miniature American Shepherd has a natural or docked bobtail. It is a well-balanced, medium-sized, agile dog. Ideally, males should be 14 to 18 inches tall at the withers; females, 13 through 17 inches. The Miniature American Shepherd’s coat, which may be straight to wavy, comes in blue merle, red merle, black, and red--all with or without tan or white markings. Thoroughly brush the weather-resistant, double coat twice weekly.


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