Fox Terrier (Wire)

Fast Facts

Country of Origin:Great Britain
AKC Group:Terrier Group
UKC Group:Terrier
Use today:Earthdog
Life Span:10 to 13 years
Color:White with black, tan or ginger.
Coat:Hard and wiry.
Grooming:Hand clipping to maintain coat.
Size:Medium Dog Breed
Height:Up to 15.5 inches at the withers
Weight:Proportionate to height

The eager and dynamic Wire Fox Terrier was bred in the British Isles in the 19th century to catch and kill vermin on farms, and to assist in hunts. The Wirehaired Fox Terrier probably descended from the rough-coated Black and Tan Terrier. Like the Smooth Fox Terrier, the Wirehaired was a hunt terrier whose job it was to go to ground and rout out the fox. Asta, the little dog of the "Thin Man" movies, did much to popularize the breed. Wire Fox Terriers are loaded with pep and personality and should have a good exercise area outdoors.

Today the amiable Wire enjoys both family time and hunting activities. Wires love to dig holes, play with toys and chase everything including other pets. Because of their natural instincts, wires are not the best match for families who enjoy small animals.

An active and intelligent breed, consistent training helps harness the Wire’s energy and determination. The breed is a good watchdog, fond of children and always ready for a game.


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