Blind, Deaf Lhaso Apso Rescued From Sink Hole

What started out as a leisurely walk, turned into a frightening ordeal for Samantha and her owner.

By | Posted: April 3, 2014, 7 a.m. PST

Susanne Geary watched in horror as her 14-year-old, deaf and blind, Lhasa Apso, Samantha, fell into a sinkhole during a walk near their Frederick, Maryland home. Hidden beneath a grassy field, neither Geary or Samantha saw it coming.

"I screamed, 'Help! help!' and some neighbors came out to help me but we could not get her out, so of course we had to call emergency,” says Geary.
Lhasa Apso Samantha rescued from a sink hole
According to those involved in the rescue efforts, Samantha spent seven and a half hours pacing in the 8-foot long sinkhole with crews pumping warm air into the hole and using food to lure her closer to the opening.

After seven hours of effort, rescuers were able to use "flexible pipping to coax the dog from the deepest part of the hole,” Capt. Kevin Fox tells the Washington Post. They were then able to harness the dog and lift Samantha out of the hole.

It took several agencies, seven hours, 25 people and a whole lot of teamwork and love to rescue Samantha. Fire and rescue crews, Frederick City Public Works, police, Animal Control and Frederick County Advance Technical Rescue all came out to assist in bringing the little dog to safety.

After a few x-rays and a bath, she is now safe and sound at home with Geary who says the little dog is "alive and well and ready to go."

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