Make a Fast Friend! April Is Greyhound Adoption Month

While we encourage you to adopt a Greyhound throughout of year, April is the month we celebrate these beautiful and speedy dogs.

By | Posted: April 10, 2014, 9 a.m. PST

It’s 9 a.m. at the start of a sunny day, and all is quiet as I open the shelter door, knowing on the other side rest 30 Greyhounds in kennels, all eagerly awaiting their morning walk. I have no doubt that dogs can communicate, because as soon as they spy me, the excited greeting that erupts is clearly a chorus of "Me first! Me first!”

Some bark but others, such as my current special walking pals Phineas, Ferb, and Easy Deal, just wait patiently at the front of their kennels, tossing me air kisses through the gates. 

Watch a video about Greyhound Adoption Month:

I have enjoyed learning much about Greyhounds since I began volunteering more than eight years ago at Hemopet’s Pet Life-Line Greyhound Adoption. One thing is that these beautiful, gentle retired racers are wonderfully affectionate. Many love to sneak a slobbery kiss, while others lean fully into you with all their might in a big hug. You probably know that Greyhounds are exceptional sprinters, but you may not know that they are not hyperactive and do not need lots of space or exercise, earning them the nickname of "40 mph couch potatoes.”

Ernie Slone and Greyhound, Rockstar
DOG FANCY editor, Ernie Slone, with a Greyhound named Rockstar

April is National Adopt-a-Greyhound month, a perfect time to spread the word that while many Greyhound racetracks have closed in recent years, Greyhounds retiring from the 22 remaining tracks in seven states still number in the thousands, according to The Greyhound Project.

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"Many believe that regional racetrack closings have lessened the need to adopt these Greyhounds,” says Melissa Cook, president of The Greyhound Project, which supports over 300 Greyhound adoption groups nationwide. "That misperception results in a flood of retired racing Greyhounds waiting to go to their permanent homes,” plus a need for donations to transport the dogs to areas where they are wanted for adoption.

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"Greyhounds make great pets and companions,” says Cook, who discovered these wonderful dogs 10 years ago when she adopted a Grey named Avalanche. Today Cook has two Greyhounds: Tucker, age 5, and Thunder, 8. "I prefer having two,” Cook says. "They keep each other company and do well together.”

Greyhound adoption groups are located across the country, and it is easy to find one in your area today by visiting

Ernie Slone is the editor of DOG FANCY Magazine. Read more from Ernie in his blog, Editor off Leash>>



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