Adopt & Shop Opening Flagship Store

Sprawling new Culver City, Calif., location combines dog and cat adoptions with pet products and services, including grooming, day care, and training.

By | Posted: May 12, 2014, 11 a.m. PST

Adopt & Shop, a new concept in pet stores that unites pet adoption, cool pet products and services, and animal-welfare philanthropy, will open its second location in Culver City on Tuesday, May 13, 2014, a sprawling 9,300-square-foot super store.

Adopt and Shop

Building on the success of the first Adopt & Shop, a 1,000-square-foot store that opened in 2011 at Lakewood Center Mall in Lakewood, Calif., the new flagship store lets potential adopters shop for a pet in an upscale retail environment, while also reducing the number of animals in shelters.

The store is much bigger, and so are the plans for adoption placements. Dogs will be drawn from both Los Angeles city and county animal shelters, as well as from the Southeast East Area Animal Control Authority. Kittens will come from L.A. city shelters and SEAACA. Some adult cats will come from The Cat House on the Kings, California’s largest no-kill cat sanctuary and adoption center, and others from the Long Beach shelter.

"We are casting a wide net because this store is much bigger,’’ explains Aimee Gilbreath, executive director of Michelson Found Animals, the animal-welfare nonprofit behind Adopt & Shop. "We hope when we are running at full capacity to do over 2,000 adoptions a year at this new store.’’

The opening of the huge new store marks a defining moment for the Adopt & Shop concept.

"When we started, Lakewood was our pilot location, intentionally a small store because we wanted to start small and figure out if the concept was going to work,’’ Gilbreath says. "We very quickly realized that Lakewood was working. We had it in mind ever since that location opened that somewhere in West Los Angeles would be a great location.’’

In addition to offering dozens of adoptable animals who come from local shelters, the store boasts a hand-picked selection of retail products for pets, screened for the product’s integrity, longevity and environmental impact.

Services available will include dog and cat adoptions, dog training, dog day care, pet microchipping and registration, nail trimming, and custom identification tags. Providing a wide array of essential pet products and services lets adopters leave not only with a pet but also with all the gear, food and assistance they need for their new dog or cat.

"What makes this new store very different is that it is actually five different businesses under one roof,’’ Gilbreath says. "It is an adoption center, adopting out cats and dogs. It is a pet supply store, with toys and treats and food and beds and cat trees, everything you could want. We’ve got doggy day care, we’ve got grooming, we’ve got training. So we actually have five different pet businesses all under one roof.’’

Since opening, the Lakewood store has found homes for over 2,600 cats and dogs. Both Adopt & Shop locations are not-for-profit. Proceeds from each sale directly support animal initiatives in local communities such as adoption promotions, spay and neuter surgeries and low cost veterinary services.

The ribbon-cutting and store opening is set for Tuesday, with a big community day celebration set for May 31, including a parking lot party with lots of food, drink, dog training demonstrations and other fun stuff.

"We invite everyone to come see the new location and there are lots of opportunities to get involved,’’ Gilbreath says. "Adopt a pet from us, or bring your pet for day care or grooming or buy something, and volunteer to help us with the store and with kitten foster care.’’

The new store follows the launch of an online site,, which offers the same products sold in the Adopt & Shop stores. A portion of the online proceeds are donated to the organization’s shelter of the month, nominated by visitors.

Michelson Found Animals is a privately-funded nonprofit organization dedicated to animal welfare issues. Led by business and medical professionals, the foundation works directly within the animal welfare community to reduce the use of euthanasia in shelters by supporting programs including: pet adoption, spay and neuter services, pet identification, and sterilization research.

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