Brave Police Dog Mourns His Lost Partner

A fallen officer’s dog makes his feelings of loss and sadness known in front of colleagues and country.

By | Posted: June 11, 2014, 6 p.m. PST

Hundreds gathered at a joint service for three Canadian Mounted Police officers killed in Moncton, New Brunswick this week,sharing their grief and sadness over the loss of these brave young men. But amongst the crowd, one mourner in particular stood out. A police canine named Danny expressed his sadness over the loss over his partner, 32-year-old, Constable Dave Ross.

Danny the German Shepherd

Sean Kilpatrick / Canadian Press


At the funeral, which was held in a hockey arena, Danny was seen sniffing his partners casket for a trace of his friend. According to Halifax News Danny could be heard whining throughout the service.

Danny the German Shepherd

Sean Kilpatrick / Canadian Press 


Danny and Ross were paired together in December of 2012 and the two completed their training in August 2013, giving Danny less than a year of service when he tragically lost his partner.

Although their time together was short, Ross and his German Shepherd buddy were a perfect match. "Anytime Danny barked at home, it would be to get Dave to open the truck door so they could go to work,” Ross’ wife, Rachael Ross says in a press release from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

Danny the German Shepherd 

Andrew Vaughan, Canadian Press


Under normal circumstances, it is unusual for a police service dog to change handlers while on the force, but the RCMP announced today that Danny may be kept on the job. The organization will put Danny through careful trial bonding periods while looking for a new partner.  One thing is for sure, though, Danny’s bond with Dave will always be there.

"It wouldn’t be fair to Danny to retire him as he loved his work as much as Dave did,” says Ross' wife.

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Linda   Alpha, Ohio

6/18/2014 3:02:02 PM

Danny will need time to adjust but he will love to continue to work. During my years with the Sheriff Department, I was partnered with 3 different canines. Each one had their own personality, and each one worked great with me. My second dog was a German Shepherd, Edie, he would have given his life for me, and he was previously partnered with another Deputy. Edie, had he been retired, after his first handler; I believe he would have given up and died. Edie and I worked great together for over a year, at that time he was 11years old and was showing pain. He then was retired and I got to buy him. I was given a new dog. I know Edie didn't want to retire, and so Edie got to go in his police car often to pretend calls where he would chase bad guys and find drugs. It made him happy. I know that these dogs were trained to work and that is what they should get to do as long as they are healthy. Let them get back to what they love

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Melian and Tiny   Etna, CA

6/12/2014 11:54:35 PM

So very sad and so very loyal.

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