Katherine Heigl and Her Love of Dogs Featured in People Magazine

Katherine Heigl, is well known for her role in 27 Dresses, but we're more interested in her role as mom to 8 dogs.

By | Posted: June 20, 2014, 9 a.m. PST

Katherine Heigl. Splash NewsKatherine Heigl's characters in Knocked Up and 27 Dresses, never had any pets, but the former Grey’s Anatomy star is doing what she can in real life to make a difference in the lives of animals.  

Heigl, who is featured in this month’s People magazine, is a dog lover. "We just had lots of pets from the moment I was born,” Heigl tells PEOPLE. "I grew up with a black lab named Ben. There are photos of me laying and teething on his ears.”

With her love for four-legged friends, Heigl and her mother created the Jason Debus Heigl Foundation named after her late brother. The organization helps low-income families get their dogs spayed and neutered, and gives funds to transport dogs to no-kill shelters.

"We have to diminish the number of animals entering shelters,” Heigl says in her interview. "There are enough homes but there aren’t enough people adopting. They’re buying, so animals end up in shelters and because there’s not enough space, they have to euthanize of kill (them).” 

But like any good philanthropist, it doesn't end here, Heigl does what she can in her own home too - adopting eight dogs with her husband, Josh Kelley. The dog’s who she says are an integral part of her family’s life, love to romp and play with her two kids, Naleigh (5-years-old) and Adalaide (2-years-old).

Along with being friendly to the kids, the eight dogs cuddle on the couch with Josh and Katherine every night. Heigl loves her dogs, but apparently Debus doesn’t feel quite as strongly as his wife. "If you're talking from one to 10, I'm like a 40 and Josh is probably like an eight,” Heigl says. "I'm insane and he's normal. He has his favorites but he's become very attached to Gertrude," whom he has created a bond with. "[A dog] that makes you laugh like that every time you look at them, that's a real blessing."  

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