GoPro Launches Dog Mount for Popular Video Cameras

The world from a dog’s point of view: in high-definition video.

By | Posted: August 28, 2014, 8 a.m. PST

We didn’t know that we needed it, but we found out today that we did. GoPro, the makers of a popular HD video camera, has launched a new product called "Fetch.” Fetch allows you to mount either one or two GoPro cameras on your dog so you can film videos from his point of view!

Fetch is a padded mount that straps onto any dog’s belly and back, provided they weigh somewhere between 15 and 120 lbs. Several straps on the mount keep the camera sturdy and secure, even on the most rambunctious of dogs.

GoPro for Dogs

This dog addition is a perfect companion for an active owner who already has a GoPro and wants the dog's point of view on their adventures. If your dog is more active than you, this may just be the perfect opportunity to get a GoPro. The harness is compatible with all GoPro models.

While this might not a must for every dog (such as mine who plans to sleep the rest of the afternoon) the options are really endless for awesome things I'd like to see dogs do. From dog sports like flyball, agility and SUP'ing to a fun romp at the beach or park we finally get an up close look at the life of a dog. The camera could also offer an interesting perspective on more serious activities like the work of search and rescue dogs or police dog training.

I don’t own a GoPro camera, but the idea of getting a look at the world from my dog’s point of view is definitely enticing. I’m sure it will not be long until the Internet is flooded with dog POV videos for us to enjoy.

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