Cadet Saves Texas A&M's Mascot Reveille VIII

In a heroic block, a young cadet throws himself in front of SMU wide receiver to protect the schools beloved dog.

By | Posted: September 21, 2014, 8 a.m. PST

During Saturday's match up between Texas A&M and Southern Methodist University, A&M Mascot Reveille had a close call when defensive back Nick Harvey pushed SMU wide receiver Der’rikk Thompson out of bounds. Thompson’s momentum took him over the sideline right towards the relaxing dog. But Reveille need not worry (and she didn't) because no one near that field was about to let her ruffle her hair. 

Sophomore Ryan Kreider quickly jumped into action throwing himself between Thompson and 8-year-old, Collie, Reveille. His body block sent Thompson towards the wall keeping an unphased Reveille out of harms way.  


But really, not a big deal, as highest-ranking member of the Corps of Cadets, a five-diamond Cadet General to be exact, Reveille clearly deserves the highest level of protection.

But the field is not the only place Reveille reigns supreme. Reveille is addressed as "Ma'am" and if she barks in class, the professor has to let the class out.


Reveille VIII

The position comes with a lot of honor, but also a lot of responsibility. "I feed her, I take her to the vet,” Smith says. "She accompanies me to class, sleeps with me. I take her to all the games. She goes to every football game, and she’ll go home with me for the summer.”

It's not a fluke that Reveille is so carefully watched. The honor of caretaker does not just fall to anyone. There’s an 8-week tryout process for the mascot corporal position. 

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10/4/2014 9:50:49 AM

Kudos to Sophomore Ryan Kreider!

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