More Dogs Who Eat Weird Things

We all know that dogs will eat just about anything. Check out some of the unusual things these dogs have eaten.

By | Posted: September 8, 2014, 12 p.m. PST

By now I’m sure you’ve all heard the story about the Great Dane who ate 43½ socks. Well, he wasn’t the only dog in Veterinary Practice News’s annual "They Ate WHAT?” contest to eat something strange.


Dog licking lips



The contest’s second place winner, a German Shorthaired Pointer named Marley, swallowed a shish-kabob skewer. His pet parent was preparing dinner and had two skewers with vegetables and meat on them, which were left on the counter as the grill was being readied. When Marley’s pet parent returned, both skewers and Marley were gone.


Dog ate a skewer


Marley was hiding under the bed, one skewer left clean and another lost. Dr. Tim Gossman, Marley’s vet, did not believe his client when she told him she thought Marley swallowed a skewer. He did the x-ray anyway, just to appease her, and sure enough, there it was. In Marley’s rush to eat the delectable treats before being caught, he swallowed the skewer as well.

Surgery was done to remove the skewer. Marley’s recovered and out searching for more things to eat.

Marley isn’t the only dog who couldn’t help stealing some food. Elvis, a 7-week-old mixed-breed puppy went catfishing with his pet parents.

They’d baited their hooks with chicken livers, which just looked and smelled too yummy for Elvis to pass up. Unfortunately, he was unskilled at removing the liver from the hook and swallowed the whole thing, including the fishing line.


Dog ate fish hook


His pet parents rushed him to The Animal Clinic PSC after hours, where Dr. Josh Brown performed surgery to remove the hook and administered antibiotics. Elvis made a full recovery. The x-rays received an honorable mention in the contest.

While some dogs eat food that’s irresistible to them – no matter what it may be attached to – others may just be longing for a good night’s rest without all the lights on.

Dr. Christy McCratic received an honorable mention for submitting an x-ray of a 10-month-old Golden Retriever named Cody who spent two days vomiting after swallowing a light bulb. Cody spent a day on intravenous fluids and passed the light bulb intact.



Light bulb


Woof may not have any interest in light bulbs or meat attached to metal, but he sure did love to go duck hunting.

Woof’s pet parent said that her 3-year-old son’s rubber ducks kept going missing. Figuring he lost them, she bought more. While giving her son a bath, she saw Woof come in, search the water for his prize, and eat up the duck.



Rubber Ducky


Veterinarian Mary Green, another honorable mention recipient, submitted x-rays of Woof’s stomach, which revealed he’d eaten five of the little ducks, along with a toy truck tire and part of another toy. Maybe he just wanted to play.

The items were surgically removed and Woof is doing well.

Yoda, a Chihuahua, is also doing well after presumably swallowing a package of sewing needles. Dr. Diane Craig, Yoda’s veterinarian and honorable mention recipient, had to perform surgery to remove the nine needles that were throughout Yoda’s body.



Dog xray

Other honorable mentions included a Welsh Corgi who ate two cups of pea gravel, a pug who at $1.29 worth of coins, a Labrador who ate a closed pocket knife, a Golden Retriever who ate a Hacky Sack and a rat terrier who swallowed up his pet parent’s bra.

What has your dog eaten? Tell us in the comments.

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