The Dog Who Survived and Then Survived Again

After being hit by a car and euthanized, a mixed-breed stray is still wagging his tail.

By | Posted: October 5, 2014, 8 a.m. PST

The idea of having nine lives is one that has always been reserved for cats, but one dog is giving them a run for their money. The will to live is strong with this one. 

Lazarus the Dog who Surrvived 

Records show the dog arrived at the Ozark City Animal Shelter on Aug.19. His owner dropped him off in a bloody state after the dog was hit by a car. According to the Associated Press, owners told shelter workers they were moving and could no longer care for him. 

The shelter used social media to try and find him a new home, but when attempts failed, the dog's scheduled date with death was set for Sept. 10.

When the date rolled around, Animal control officer Wanda Snell watched the euthanasia happen. The dog was quiet and still when she went home for the evening. 

But when she came back to work, she was greeted by an unexpected wagging tail.

There was the dog, fully recovered from what should have been a lethal injection. 

"He was back up and breathing and going right about business like it's nothing," Ozark police Capt. Bobby Blankenship, who supervises the city shelter told the Associated Press.

The dog whose name was promptly changed to "Lazurus,” after the man the Bible says was brought back to life. 

According to the AP, no one connected with the shelter is exactly sure what happened to prevent Lazarus' death, and officials declined to release the name of the contract veterinarian who performed the injection.

Less than a month later, the dog lives with a family in a suburb of the Alabama city of Birmingham, where the animal romps and plays with another rescue dog. His survival seemed all the more surprising since the same dog already been struck by a car before arriving at the Ozark City Animal Shelter.

"His body overcame and he had a will to live and somehow, someway he made it through," shelter volunteer Courtney Blankenship told AP.

Cases of failed euthanasia are very rare. It can result from an improper dose of the drug or a problem with a vein, but it doesn’t happen often. But whether you believe that it was a mistake or a miracle, one thing is for sure, Lazarus is alive.

After his amazing feat of survival, Lazarus was claimed by a rescue group and now lives with foster mom Jane Holston and her family. He has been diagnosed with dangerous case of heart worms, but is on medication for it. And his leg damaged from the car accident is in a cast.

"He's not skittish, he's not afraid of anything, anybody, any sounds. I mean, it's just amazing what all he has been through," says Holston.

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Leslie - 233329   Lakeside, AZ

10/16/2014 10:08:13 PM

What a wonderful story!!

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Melian and Tiny   Etna, CA

10/9/2014 11:58:42 PM

Wow. I hope he lives a long and happy life!

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Eileen - 249708   Port Perry, ON

10/7/2014 4:23:45 AM

This is a wonderful story of survival, there is much more to dogs than what us human know.

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