Updated: Dog Exposed to Ebola in Madrid Euthanized

The internet rallies around the pet dog of a Spanish woman infected with Ebola.

By | Posted: October 8, 2014, 5 p.m. PST

Update:  Protesters gathered in front of the home of Excalibur the dog today, chanting "Assassins!" in a final plea to stop police from euthanizing the mixed-breed dog who was exposed to the Ebola virus.   

The online campaign that spread across the globe, asking that the dog be placed into quarantine was sadly not enough to save him. Spanish health officials announced that the innocent dog had been euthanized and its body incinerated. 


We are very sad to hear about the loss of this beloved family member. 

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Original Article: 

As the Madrid government plans to euthanize Excalibur, the pet dog of a Spanish woman infected with Ebola, dog lovers around the world are taking to the internet to change their minds.

The woman's husband who is also under quarantine, shared a photo of Excalibur on Facebook and explained his feelings on the matter.

Excalibur - Dog Exposed to Ebola 

The husband of a Spanish nursing assistant who contracted Ebola poses with Exalibur. Photo from Asociacion Protectora Villa Pepa Facebook page


"I think it's unfair that for a mistake they made they now want to solve it this way," he wrote. "If they are so worried with this issue I think we can find another type of alternative solution, such as quarantining the dog and put him under observation like they did with me. Or should they sacrifice me as well just in case?"

Concerned citizens have been posting photos of dogs and cats under the hashtag #SalvemosAExcalibur, which translates to "Let's save Excalibur." And an online petition has received over 200,000 signatures so far. 

According to a report by NBC, the Spanish nursing assistant was the first person to be infected outside of West Africa. She cared for a Spanish priest who died of Ebola last month. Three people in Spain are currently under quarantine, but the government believes that the dog could also pose a risk of transmitting the deadly virus to humans.

A study by the CDC provides evidence that dogs could be infected by the ebola virus and could potentially pose a threat to humans if infected. 

"There is one article in the medical literature that discusses the presence of antibodies to Ebola in dogs. Whether that was an accurate test and whether that was relevant we do not know,” say CDC Director Tom Frieden at a news conference.

Looking at the matter closer to home, at this time no animals are believed to be infected in Dallas where the first US case of Ebola was diagnosed.

What do you think should happen in the case of Excalibur, share your thoughts in the comments below. 

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Eileen - 249708   Port Perry, ON

10/9/2014 4:16:53 AM

This dog did not deserve to die. It is very typical of our quick fix society.

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Christine   Fairbanks, Alaska

10/7/2014 6:22:08 PM

Stupid science. Even for science's sake, they should quarantine the dog, to verify if it does get ebola, or has antibodies to it. I would think that this is an important piece of information to try and get. Could someone's dog pass it on. I would like to know

It's a win win situation. The family should get to keep their pet, if it is not a carrier. I hope they (authorities) recognize the value of keeping the dog, and don't panic stricken lay euthanize the dog.

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