Knoxville Delays Vote on Dangerous Dog Ordinance

Sponsored by the city's police department, the dangerous dog ordinance is expected to be revisited in about 30 days.

A proposed dangerous dog ordinance sponsored by the Knoxville, Tenn., Police Department has been put off by the city council while more input is gathered.

The Knoxville City Council voted on May 9 to delay by 30 days a final vote on a measure spelling out how dangerous dogs are defined and what their owners will have to do.

If the ordinance eventually passes, dangerous dogs would be measured by a court as either Level I or Level II, with Level II being more hazardous.

A Level I dog and his owner would have to attend a dog obedience methods course and a canine good citizenship course. The dog would also be required to have a microchip implant.

A Level II dog owner would be required to post a sign reading: Warning: dangerous dog keep away, and the dog would have to be muzzled outside the owners property. The owner would have to carry at least $100,000 in liability insurance to cover anyone injured by the dog.

Penalties for violating the ordinance would be $50 per infringement.

The city council is expected to consider the ordinance again at its June 6 meeting.

Posted: May 12, 2006, 5 a.m. EST


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Patty   Rushville, MO

2/5/2010 11:08:51 AM

How is the dangerous part decided? I hope this is not just another "breed specific" legislation and I hope there is some justification to the dangerous part. A town near where I live-anyone can file a complaint to name a dog dangerous if they file a complaint saying they FEEL threatened in anyway. The dog does not have to bark, growl, bite. Mainly they use it for a get around to ban specific breeds...... not actual known biters or aggressors.

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