Researchers Study Birth Control Pills for Dogs

Texas A & M University has begun testing oral contraceptives on wild animals, which could lead to approval for use on pets.

Posted: February 22, 2008, 5 a.m. EST

Texas A& M University recently started testing oral contraceptives on wild animals – cougars and feral pigs – however researchers say that, if successful, the contraceptives could be used to control cat and dog populations.

Animals ingest the birth control pills through baited food and so far, the results are promising, said Duane Kraemer, a professor in veterinary physiology and pharmacology. The contraceptive must be eaten daily for a certain period of time; however, it may be encapsulated to reduce the consumption frequency.

“This approach inhibits maturation of the egg and therefore prevents fertilization,” he explained. “The animals continue to cycle, so it will not yet be ideal for many pet owners. But there is an advantage for use in wild and feral animals.”

Upon further testing and perfection, the pill may eventually be available for domestic pets, Kraemer said.

“The need for such an animal contraceptive is certainly there,” Kraemer noted.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture and private donations are funding the $90,000 project.


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Leigha, MO

4/2/2012 8:53:14 PM

I was just wondering if there was a pill for dogs. My boxer just went into heat at 12 months old:/ We have a male boxer, but dont want to breed them until she is much older if at all. He hasn't tried to mount her(separated when alone) but is being driven crazy by the 5+ dogs hanging around our house=/This would be wonderful when this comes out.

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Vonnie   Sanford, NC

2/23/2012 9:14:51 AM

I think having a pill they could take once a month to keep them from getting pregnant would be great! I hate having to crate my baby every time she comes in heat. I feel like I am abandoning her.

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Karen   Polson, MT

8/14/2010 8:53:25 PM

Is there a safe product on the market to regulate heat cycles in bitches ?

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Abraham   Lafayette, IN

3/9/2010 8:39:01 AM

I love the idea of birth control for dogs giving that i am a breeder you need to wait a heat or two some times.

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