Partnership Promises More Service Dogs for Epilepsy Patients

Canine Assistants can now provide more of these dogs to more patients.

Seizure response dogs for epilepsy patients represent the fastest growing request received by Canine Assistants, a non-profit group that trains service animals. Thanks to a multi-year partnership signed yesterday with UCB Pharma Inc., the organization can now provide more of these dogs to more patients.

Under the partnership, UCB Pharma which manufactures an epilepsy medication provides support for the care, training and lifetime veterinary costs of all dogs given to epilepsy patients.

The commitment UCB has made to Canine Assistants is critical to our ability to realize the full potential for this program, said Jennifer Arnold, founder and executive director of Canine Assistants. The impact these dogs have is enormous recipients want to go back to school, they get involved in extra curricular activities again and they come out of their shells to lead more independent lives with a renewed sense of confidence.

Posted November 2, 2005, 9am EST


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Debbie Carter   Dalton, GA

2/7/2010 11:42:16 AM

I liked thr article we need more dogs i have be acepted for for awaiting list in Alferta ga but it is 5 yers long I have sezuiers heart disease spialcord nick from a fall arthiris dibiaties a hearing problem a pacemare and congeges heart failed dibaities iwent to the eye doctoer again this year my eyes much worse than last year and having trouble juding my distance to step when I walk waing on my wheel chair.. In 5 years I will be 62 I would like to be able to get out more now while I am in my fifty and feel more conterfull a 5 year list is so long for people to have to wait but this is the only place for can get a ssistace dog a t no cost what a sahme fropeople in need if the govement wants to help he need to help out hter thats a grea and need project insted of giving ceel phone to peopl like my step daugter and a lot of people I know who have never erver worked tht is rediciclus... what a wase. If they were disable or sick it would bedifert they are just youn and lazy and rideing the system, thank you and I hope to see more help with assistand dogs excuse my sepelling a choice of words I had a Tia last year, debbie, dalton ga.

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Karen   Chelsea, MA

9/9/2008 10:49:58 PM

I think more should be said for our canine friends that can tell when a seizure is going to happen. I had no history of epilepsy, but after I had my first seizure, my yellow lab Jake was able to tell me ahead of time when a seizure was going to happen up to an hour away. And he was never trained! But I was able to stop all medications due to their side effects & listen to my dog. After awhile, I really believe he trained me to listen to my body, & my seizures stopped completely!~!!

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