Westminster Whippet Missing

Whippet owners asking for assistance in locating the lost dog.

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We immediately started working with the local Animal Control and Port Authority. Everyone was extremely helpful. Jil, Jamie, Bo and I set up camp at the Airport Holiday Inn and Honi and Carol Reisman (who live about 30 minutes away), along with Fran Reisman (who was in from California), were there also helping to contact various locals who could help in the search and help us get our bearings in New York.

We went out that night with Animal Control searching the outside perimeter of the airport fencing and at once realized what an immense facility JFK Airport is. Some facts about the airport:

1. The airport covers 5,000 acres. If it were laid on top of Manhattan, it would cover from 42nd street to the Battery and from river to river.

2. There is 26 miles of perimeter fencing. Imagine a point 26 miles from your house, filled with buildings, and searching that entire distance.

3. There are literally hundreds of buildings, most of them huge for dealing with airplanes. The easiest way to describe it is to imagine your local mall with a Home Depot, Costco and other stores, but at least a hundred times larger.

4. The airport is incredibly secure. Other than a few small breaks in the fence in one area along Rockaway Blvd., there are almost no areas a dog could get out without going through a busy terminal or cargo building front office.

5. Almost all the buildings on the grounds, even the vacant ones, are heated to prevent water pipes from breaking. Most of these buildings have some doors open and inside provide literally thousands of places a dog could hide, be warm and be unseen.

From that first night of Feb. 15 the news media was all over this story. We encouraged this because we feel the more people that know about this, the more chance well have of someone reporting a sighting to us. We were completely surprised by the depth of interest in this story and the way it kept going for over a week. Even today I'm getting calls from major media outlets for updates. When I asked some of the reporters why they were covering this one lost dog in such depth, they told me they had received more calls and e-mails about this story than most others and had to follow it for their readers and viewers.

Many, many people volunteered to help canvass the local neighborhoods off airport grounds and we are greatly indebted to Bonnie Folz for organizing the hundreds of people who wanted to get involved. They passed out lost dog flyers to local residents and posted them in area businesses, as well as actively searching for Vivi.

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bertha   SAN DIEGO, CA

5/28/2008 4:16:05 PM

i wich u all the best!!

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